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    peaceful damsel

    i have a 300 gallon fowlr tank with a couple of anthias,2 tangs and 2 clownfish. ive always liked damselfish, but they always seemed agressive. what is the most peaceful damsel, i could get for my 300?
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    what is the easiest saltwater fish to take care of in your opinion

    out of my fish I think the clownfish are the easiest and least demanding I own all the fish on this list by the way
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    engineer gobies

    i have a question. i would like to get an engineer goby for my aquarium,sometimes i hear they are peaceful, and other times i hear they eat smaller fish and inverts. which one is true
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    fish identfication

    so i found this random fish in my tank (not sure how he got there) what is he sorry the cameras no the best
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    stocking for 240 gallon fowlr

    hi I recently got a 240 gallon fowlr tank. I would like to put the following fish in it. 1 purple tang 2 yellow tang 4 lyretail anthias 1 regal angelfish 2 clownfish 1 midas blenny 1 royal gramma 1 orchid dottyback 1 blue tang 1 yellowhead jawfish 1 mandarin goby 1 flame angel 4 engineer gobies...