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  1. C-Monster

    CPD clamped fins

    I have a 24 gallon tank, freshwater, planted, with a combination of fluval stratum and eco complete. I have a few nano fish in there. I did a water change two days ago, 20-25%. I did nothing different from the norm. I backtracked a few times and tried to think of anything different I might’ve...
  2. C-Monster

    Pygmy Cory sick I think, please help!

    One of my pygmy corys is swimming around away from the group, lost a l o t of his color. He's swimming the perimeter of the tank, doing some solo wall surfing, kind of running into walls..I'm not entirely sure what’s going on. He doesn't look good though, everyone else seems fine - any clue how...
  3. C-Monster

    Weird pest question —

    So I fed my pygmy corys and shrimp freeze dried daphnia. #neveragain The shrimp didn’t actually like it, and a lot of it floated to the top even though I soaked it. Long story short I’m changing tanks (in process) - had snails and don’t want them so I decided to quarantine to make sure since I’m...
  4. C-Monster

    Quarantine plan to rid my snail issue

    Not sure if I posted this in the right area of the forums, but I tried! So I recently got a pond snail infestation from a plant I bought. Learned my lesson and will quarantine in the future. (: Not sure if this point matters but I want to note that I am killing them/removing them on site...