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    Red Shoulder Severum Mystery

    Thanks, @GaryE I agree that his growth appears stunted, What would you do to help address that problem if he otherwise appears to be eating normally? I also make it a point to supplement with additional fresh vegetables and spirulina in various forms. When I feed frozen foods, they typically...
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    Red Shoulder Severum Mystery

    Hi everyone! As is obvious in the attached pictures (please excuse the algae buildup I've accumulated with my CO2 tank being down for too long), we currently have a bit of funky coloration going on with this juvenile severum, which I'm trying to get to the bottom of. Here's some background that...
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    Epsom Salt for Swim Bladder

    I have a cherry barb with swim bladder disorder. Before going the boiled peas route, I was thinking of feeding spirulina and mysis shrimp, in addition to adding epsom salt to the water, in order to promote healthy digestion and reduce inflammation. As far as dosing the epsom salt goes...
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    Help Debunking Cichlid Advice

    I have a tank with some juvenile South/Central American cichlids, rainbowfish, and barbs. Until recently, there was minimal tank aggression, as the “tank boss” (my firemouth) was relatively unrivaled. Now, my rainbow cichlid has caught up in size, so the firemouth is apparently feeling...
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    LED Color Distribution for Planted Tanks

    Hey everyone, Quick question on LED color distribution for planted tank lighting. I've seen each of the following statements made online, many of which contradict one another: Red lights should take up at least 50% of your LED spectrum, while blue lights should not exceed 15% (with the rest...
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    AquaClear HOB Filter Basket

    This may have been discussed on the forum at some point, but I am trying to troubleshoot the issue of the baskets in my AquaClear HOB power filters occasionally rising, pushing the lid off, and (sometimes) causing water to overflow along the back of the filter. Thought I try to rinse my filter...
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    Diagnosing algae/bacteria problems

    Hey everyone! I have a bacteria/algae question for the group. Somehow, 2 out of the 5 tanks I'm currently running seem to be out of balance in some way. I haven't had any of these issues on any other tanks I've ever run, so I was hoping someone might be able to help me diagnose and correct the...
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    Aquatic Plant Newbie in Need of Help

    I've kept plants in my tanks forever, but have always struggled with rooted plants (despite the use of root tabs, potentially related to the fact that they haven't really taken root in my gravel substrate). I'm trying to finally figure out what they need and what I've been doing wrong. Any...