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  1. lottabubbles

    Last Fish You Bought/Got

    it's been a while because i have friends that think most of them are big enough to eat.
  2. lottabubbles

    Red algae spots?

    that's the same red alge i have in my aquarium, i've been battling this condition for the last 15 years. it gets on the granite i have in there and all over the glass here and there. i bought one of the razor blade scrapers and epoxied a plastic tube to it to suck out the alge after i scraped it...
  3. lottabubbles

    is this ok to run?

    bubbles are prettier than waves.
  4. lottabubbles

    Automated fish feeders

    i have been using the Eheim German made auto fish feeder for about 18 years. we used to do 2 week motorcycle vacations twice a year and it always performed well. can program 4 feeding cycles any day combinations. i use flake food and crush up the flakes and it flows out the outlet fine. this one...
  5. lottabubbles

    Post your first tank vs. newest!

    can't come up with a pic of my little 12 gallon back in 1958, red sward tails and black molly back then though,
  6. lottabubbles

    Oscar fight!

    back in 1969 I had 2 red Oscars that were a mated pair but I had no idea. I raised them from 2inch fish. one week they had taken all the gravel and formed what looked like a volcano. we came home late one night and they had laid eggs and they looked like salmon eggs. the filter was too strong...
  7. lottabubbles

    Worried about british winters.

    in the worst case scenario, goldfish don't seem to mind any temperature swing
  8. lottabubbles

    Should I boil wood?

    about 40 years ago i brought home a really nice piece of driftwood out of a local stream. it was about 12 inches longest end. i put it in hot water and took a scrub brush to it till it looked clean. i put it in the aquarium and about 2 weeks later i started to miss some small fish. took some...
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  10. lottabubbles

    Going on vacation, recommendations?

    we go to bike week in Datona Fl for two weeks and use an EHEIM electronic fish feeder on my 125 gal aquarium and it works great with tons of options on feeding schedule. i change the battery every two years and they could go longer, i guess.
  11. lottabubbles

    Thoughts on black skirt tetras

    normally that may be the case but the tiger barbs swim around all day long together. around 1:00pm every day they get together in one corner and go nose down at a 45deg angle and take a siesta for an hour. i don't know what that angle is all about.
  12. lottabubbles

    Thoughts on black skirt tetras

    it must be the size of the tank those fish are in weather they are super aggressive or not. have 4 black skirted tetras and they act like they are a happy family. my tiger barbs get along also. they are swimming in a 125gal tank.
  13. lottabubbles

    Who sits and just watches their tank for extended periods?

    my aquarium is 7 ft from the big screen tv. when the frequent commercials come on i look at the tank.
  14. lottabubbles

    accidentally dropped aquarium lightning into my fish tank

    back in the summer of 1968 i had a glass top cut with an opening for the filter and just set a 15 inch aquarium light in the middle of the glass. i had two larger oscars in the tank and for some reason one must have seen a bug go over the tank and it shot up and shattered the 1/8th glass top...
  15. lottabubbles

    Driftwood cleaning

    put a couple of sailfin screamers in the tank and they will clean Everything !!!
  16. lottabubbles

    Who sits and just watches their tank for extended periods?

    i like to look at the front corners of my 125gal aquarium. that way with the refraction it looks like i have twice as many fish. nothing like a big group of silver dollars.
  17. lottabubbles

    Mirror, mirror, on the tank

    could be a fish is looking for a way out of there????
  18. lottabubbles

    What is this….

    that may not be from the filter medium, it might be calcium that clumps up in little balls here is a pic of how it does in an old garden hose nozzle.
  19. calcium deposit.JPG

    calcium deposit.JPG