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    Does anyone live in portsmouth UK?? My tank has just popped and I need someone to take my cold water fish before they all die. They are jn a bucket at the moment. Does anyone live here with space for 2 hill stream, 12 danios, 5 tuxedos and numerous shrimp. ?? Help please
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    Pregnant Amano shrimp.

    Hello all, I have 2 egg filled Amanos. I know the fry require brackish water and I don't wish to attempt this very difficult task. I would like to know if my females will be damaged or hurt in any way if I leave her in my fresh water aquarium. Will the eggs simply die? 🤔 Thank you.
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    Chinese algae eater changing stripe.

    This is my Chinese algae eater AKA ' Sucky' lol. He is about 7 months old now and around 2 inches long. His stripe seems to appear and dissappear. It this a normal thing for his species please? He is healthy, in great water conditions and very lively. It happens randomly at different times...
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    Help with my Tuxedo please.

    Hello my female (confirmed) tux has had a very large swollen belly for about 3 months, no fry and I don't think she is pregnant, she is with 3 other confirmed females. She is swimming, eating and acting normal. Can anyone tell me why she is so swollen. I have a second female who isn't as large...