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  1. AquaPit

    Need Help! How Much Alder Cones Should I Be Putting In My Tanks?

    Hi all I have two tanks One is a 3Litre Shrimp-only tank and a 30Litre German Blue Ram tank I have added 2bunch of alder cones in the shrimp tank(about 4small cones per bunch) and 10bunch in my 30Litre How will it affect both my tanks? I read it lowers pH and the benefits of using them but...
  2. AquaPit

    Mini-Chiller For My 3Litre Shrimp Tank?

    Currently im using a cooling fan to maintain the temp at 26deg celcius.. Should I be using a mini-chiller instead? Appreciate if anyone can share the pros and cons of both a cooling fan and a chiller.. TIA!
  3. AquaPit

    Three Wonderful News!

    First, I thought I had only 9 Red Rili Shrimps in my shrimp tank but there are 10! Hahaa! Second, I found one of the shrimp berried! And a few more with their 'saddle' full! Third, I think I saw a pair of them mating! Im not sure how shrimps mate but I think what I saw just now was one hell of...
  4. AquaPit

    Issues With Fast Evaporation Rate Of Tank Water

    Hi all I have this concern where my tank water evaporates very fast.. It is definitely due to the cooling fan that I fixed on the tank.. It is a 3US Gal shrimp tank and the cooling fan is needed to maintain a temp of 26deg celcius.. What are the issues that I might face due to the fast...
  5. AquaPit

    A Dedicated Shrimp Tank!

    Finally! It's ready! I have been contemplating on setting up a shrimp tank for a few months back and now it has become a reality! I'm gonna be so addicted to this tank for sure! Even though it is just a cute, mini tank.. Hahaa! Info: 10litre(3 US Gal) Gex HOB Filter Cooling Fan 10xRed Rili...
  6. AquaPit

    Gold Ram? Female Or Male?

    Firstly, my handphone camera sux big time! I saw this beautiful Gold Ram at my LFS just now.. I was told that it is a Female but I am not sure.. Can help me with this guys? TIA
  7. AquaPit

    Allergic Reaction!

    What is worse than having an allergic reaction to your own fish tank??! I always get irritants on my face.. sneezing and eye puffy... Haizzzzz
  8. AquaPit

    A Weird Advice From Lfs Guy

    Hi I was at a lfs this afternoon.. I asked questions about some ph readings and water hardness.. And the lfs guy gave a weird advice.. Is it true that if you dont clean your filter media at least once a week, the ph will rise?? Pls clarify.. haha
  9. AquaPit

    Shrimp Dying Phenomenon

    Hi I have read somewhere that shrimps have a survival instinct where they will die for the sake of the new generation (in this case shrimplets). Especially the males. If I remembered correctly, they do so because they want the new generation to survive and if the adult Male shrimps die, the...
  10. AquaPit

    Anyone With Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimps Experience?

    Hi I am having this thought of keeping Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimps.. Read a bit about them but I hope someone here have some experience keeping them.. Need some advice on keeping Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimps.. Water parameters, type of substrate, pH levels, etc.. TIA
  11. AquaPit

    Future Cherry Shrimps And Endler Mates!

    Just sharing my 30L cube tank... The neon tetras will be rehome soon due to the water parameters..
  12. AquaPit

    Oh No! I'm In Trouble!

    Hi everyone! A short intro.. I had set up a new 30L(8US Gal) cube tank for 5mths now.. All these while, I only had a PH Test Pen which I bought one year ago.. And the PH reading was always the same range, 6.2-6.4PH.. Finally, I bought a new API Water Test Kit.. So.. With the water test kit...
  13. AquaPit

    Advice On Apistogramma Tank Set-Up

    Hi Based on my previous post, I am going for the Apistogramma set up.. Tank size 90cm x 30 x 36(H) 97Litres 26US Gal Details: Soft, Acidic water PH 6ish 25-28Deg Celcius Sand Substrate Lots of driftwood (some are cavelike)...
  14. AquaPit

    A Customised Tank

    Hi everyone I will be customising a fish tank with the following dimensions; L90cm x W30cm x H36cm (26Gallons) Low height, Long Tank Based on my previous tanks experience, my water temperature will be around 28-29Deg Celcius So.. What kind of fishes should I look into based on the shape of...
  15. AquaPit

    Blue Light Suitable For A Tropical Freshwater Tank?

    Hi I just bought a new Fish Tank Set. It comes with a light which is Tri-lighted. White, Blue and Blue-White. If I'm not wrong, Blue light is usually associated with Marine Tanks. So my question is, will the Blue light be suitable for a Freshwater Tank also? Will it somehow affect my fishes...
  16. AquaPit

    My Growing 'bud'dies!

    Just Sharing... :) Feeling excited! Can't wait for them to grow!
  17. AquaPit

    I Can't Add Image To My Signature!

    There is no option to add as well.. Pls help!
  18. AquaPit

    Dosing Co2 Tablets

    I just bought a bottle of CO2 tablets My tank is a 30cm cube tank with low-tech plants with my Betta I am using liquid fertilisers once a week I was told to use CO2 tablets as well How to dose those tablets? Is it necessary? Is it safe? Anyone with experience using such tablets?
  19. AquaPit

    Just Sharing Part 2 :)

    Introducing..... Marvel! And the rest of him... :p Fierce Fella!
  20. AquaPit

    Just Sharing! :)

    Introducing.... El Matador! And the rest of him... :p