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    Seachem buffers and ph drop

    I've had a tank for about 8 months. It's a 4 foot 240 litre with a male green terror, female dempsey, gold (caqueta) earth eater and a red bristlenose. I am using RODI because my tapwater is upwards of 40ppm nitrates. I use seachem alkaline and neutral regulators to set ph at 7.3 (my tap was...
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    How much to feed bristlenose

    Hi, about a month ago I picked up a super red bristlenose, although he's more orange to my eyes! Here he is: He seems in good shape, is very active, moving all over the drift wood and sometimes the glass. He picks up any flakes that the fish miss and I also put an algae wafer in for him every...
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    Move to RODI, fish gone into hiding, anything to worry about?

    Hi, I have recently moved to RODI water (mixed with tap) due to having 40ppm nitrates straight from the tap. I tried some nitrate removal filters (Pozanni etc) before going to RODI but they were not particularly effective. I have a Green Terror, a Jack Dempsey, a Gold Eartheater (Geophagus...
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    New 240L tank fish stocking thoughts

    Hi, I have my new tank, not decorated or filled yet so have a good while to go yet before fish are going in but I've started to think about options. I'd like a few attractive larger fish and maybe a school of tetra or similar. I'd like to avoid breeding of larger fish (at least for now) so...
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    New hobby, new forum, hello!

    Hi, I just joined as I wait for my tank to arrive sometime in the next week, following months of thinking about pulling the trigger and visiting fish various stores (not my usual battered variety), plus watching hours or probably days of YouTube on the subject My tank will be 240 litres (120cm...