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    Microctenopoma Ansorgii

    Pictures of my new guys. I got them a little over a week ago and I believe it is 2 males, one very old and 1 very young. I see nothing 'female' about the smaller one. However, they are adapting very well and get along great. Each day they come out to free swim more and more. I'm looking for...
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    Aqueon aquariums ( the 'new' AGA)

    I am very old school and NEVER had any issues with the old AGA aquariums that I have purchased in the past. The internet has brought up a ton of huge issues with Aqueon (the new owners of AGA). This has given me a fear of buying anything. I do realize that people with bad experiences are 100x...
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    Familiar thread

    Me too... coming back after many years away from the hobby. Starting over with all new equipment and ideas. Might try to ressurect some of my older things as I get back into it.