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  1. lilfishie

    Newbies From A Breeder

    Have these guys/girls reserved froma breeder friend *Sausagewinkle on here ;)* :lol: was only after 1 male and a few females but got these :good: Orange Cello Dalmation Male Cello Male Metallic Red Butterfly Male Orange Cello Female White Female Cello Female Yellow Cello Female
  2. lilfishie

    Brown Apple Snails For Sale

    Livestock: Brown apple Snails *Cana* Quantity for sale: Roughly 16 Reason for Sale: Too Many Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £1 each or deals on muliples *ALL 1"+* Postage & Packaging: £3 1st class for however many Location: Leicestershire Photograph: Buy 5 or more and get...
  3. lilfishie

    Some Of My Latest Additions

    Well to show the quality you can get at affordable prices, heres some of my recent Betta Purchaces from my new found supplier :lol: Dragon HMs ~ £15 Each DTs ~ £5 Each Dumbo HMPK ~ £20 CT ~ £5 HM Females ~ £4 Each Just goes to show if your wanting a 'Fantasy Betta' Without the...
  4. lilfishie

    £4 Hm Females

    Well I keep telling you all about my lovely £4 HM bargain girls ;) Heres a FEW of them to show you the quality :D Red & Black Lace Cambodian Butterfly Red & Black Lace with Yellow Dragon Yellow Dragon *1 of 2 ;)* Blue Orange finned Dragon with Copper Red Black Copper Black Dragon...
  5. lilfishie

    New Males

    Amoungst a mountain of new females this week I have ordered these lovely males :D Tri Colour DT Yellow DT Green Dragon HM Pastle HMPK Dumbo
  6. lilfishie

    Goldfish Free To Good Home

    Long story short I picked up a 30l tank yesterday upon arrival I was asked if I wanted the fish, the look on there face made me say yes for the sake of the goldie dread to think what would of happened if i said no :( anyway Livestock: 1 Goldfish *Think He's just a common* About 3" Quantity for...
  7. lilfishie

    New Dumbo

    Well newish, had him about 2 weeks now but this is his 1st appearence here ;) Brought from my local for £12, he's Lilac with White & Red fins :D Meet Rio
  8. lilfishie

    Ummm Yet More Bettas

    Well Thursday night again so Ev Aquatics bettas went on sale! Manic time of day :lol: anyway managed to get these this week :D HM Females VT CT Male *For my Partner* SD Male This lot and the last lot arriving Tuesday :D
  9. lilfishie

    Red Dt Spawn

    Well today I have another pair wrapping :D My gorgeous bright red DT male and a deep orange HM Female :good: Mario with half his nest *it now fills the cup and is very thick* Flame *much darker now she's settled* Wrapping ;) :D
  10. lilfishie

    Red Copper Hm Spawn

    Well this copper pair had been together 3 days up until today, this was there 4th release and just as I was about to trap the female as I left for work they started wrapping! Left them to is *spent the whole time at work worrying!* Came back they'd finished both 100% fine :) Females out with 1...
  11. lilfishie

    More On Order!

    Well heres more females I have coming :D All HMs ;) Cambo Metallic pink Red & Black lace Green & Red Copper Red Very pleased with them. Still have 2 spaces to fill the box too ;)
  12. lilfishie

    1St Longfins

    My 1st ever longfinned Bns have arrived from Ev Aquatics, an Albino Female & 2 young Calicos Am guessing there care is exactly the same just no sharp edges that may damage there fins? *no worries of that as my Bettas are in the same tank*
  13. lilfishie

    Another 10!

    Well as the title says, I've just had a delivery containing 10 New bettas :D 2 Male & 8 Females. There currently floating in there tanks so pictures later, all brought from EV Aquatics :good:
  14. lilfishie

    Quick Shot Of My L052

    Well heres a quick shot of my Female L052 with my Rio T BNs ;) Male is camera shy :lol:
  15. lilfishie

    New Bettas

    Well heres another 4 of my newbies finally here :D brought from FinznTails *through FB ;)* These were on all on sale too :D Blue with Black Mask HM Female *£4* Green With Black Mask HM Female *£4* Orange CT Female *£10* Orange CT Male *£6*
  16. lilfishie

    My Baby Boys

    Well heres a lovely pic of my 2 youngsters Kenny & Junior Both are near 6 months old Kenny ~ White & Green Marble HM ~ Bred by Sausagewinkle :good: Junior ~ Blue Butterfly DTHM ~ Bred by me :D Kenny is 1 day older than Junior Obviously there not housed together ;) Kenny is in a breeder...
  17. lilfishie

    Krib Breeding Issues

    Well my pair of Kribs are on there 3rd set of eggs since being with me *few months* this time round the female isn't letting the male anywhere near, he is sat behind the filter feeling sorry for himself. I am yet to have and fry come from them, would you reccomend pulling the cave out and...
  18. lilfishie

    16" Giraffe Catfish

    Though I'd add this as I know there's a few monster fish keepers local to me :good: Livestock: 16" Giraffe Catfish Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: out grown there tank Delivery or Collection: collection LE67 :) Sales price: EBAY LINK Postage & Packaging: Location: Coalville *LE67*...
  19. lilfishie

    Rescue Bettas

    I got these guys at my local as a group of females, I of course knew different so picked out 5 possible males. Have had them 5 days now and am happy to say I can see a difference in them already *they were all housed together among others!* Grizzle 1 ~ This 1 i am unsure of the sex, small...
  20. lilfishie

    Fish For A Nano Marine

    Hi guys, 1st time down here and very excited! *spend most my time in the Betta section* I have just ordered a 35l Tank This 1 which I hope I can turn into a nano marine tank :D What fish would be ideal for this setup?