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    Social Media

    Someone here today stated that TFF was their only social media. I liked that. TFF is all I need. Never been on tweeter and I dropped Fakebook like a hot potato almost two years ago. Instagram ? Nope. Pinterest ? Nope. Just plain old down to earth and friendly , for the most part , TFF for me.
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    Hobby Shops

    I don't know if any of these places are around anymore but I sure hope so. The hobby shop run by a tropical fish fanatic. His fish room got too big or maybe he just got ambitious or too excited. Many years ago , well over 40 years , my Dad and I were running around and he said "we have to go in...
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    PetsMart Rescue

    I only paid $3.99 for this nice pure red veil tail male Betta at PetsMart. Such a deal ! My heart broke when I saw his living conditions. Sitting all droopy and cold in his little cup that sat among a weird multi-cubicle shelf lighted top and bottom with bright LED lights and only three steps...
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    Moderators ?

    Just exactly what is it that moderators do ? How much time does it take ? Do you stare at a screen all day and all night until your eyes glass over ? Why can't we members grade you and rate you ? Everyone has a boss , do you ? Have you saved us from nefarious evil doers that were fomenting our...
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    Epic Failure

    I have just about reached the end of my rope with Killifish. Oh , I can do no wrong with Golden Wonders. They multiply like mice. Fundulopanchax gardneri ? Epic failure ! Aphyosemion australe ? Epic failure ! I have read in so many books that Killifish are difficult expert grade fish and many...
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    Winter is about to make its return to my little part of the earth. Balmy 50 to 70 degree fall days are soon to make way for the 20's with lows into the single digits Fahrenheit at night. I watched a Mourning Dove pecking at the ice on my bird bath this morning and then cleared the ice and put in...
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    Mozambique Mouthbreeder

    I can't stop thinking about a fish I saw years ago called the Mozambique Mouthbreeder. Is there such a thing or is it a trade name for a particular fish ?
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    Water Hardness Gh and Dh

    Okay, rookie question time. Can someone please explain the difference between Gh and Dh and what exactly they are. I never have known this. Can you buy a test kit for it ? This whole hard and soft water business has always baffled me. I figure soft water is mostly mineral free like rain water or...
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    Old Guys

    Went to get a haircut today and saw totally different guys in the barber shop. One guy had to have his wife drive him and help him in. He didn't look much older than me but he was in sad shape , shuffling along and doing everything real slow. He got done and I was in the chair when in walks two...
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    Breeders Journal

    There are journals on the forum about aquariums and aquascaping and plantings. How about some of the members taking us through their breeding efforts. @emeraldking can certainly school us in livebearers . @GaryE could detail Killifish from mop to grow out and @Uberhoust can show us something...
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    Baby Brine Shrimp Hatchery

    If you have fry or even small fish like Neon Tetra's and Guppies then you will want to hatch out baby brine shrimp (BBS). I keep my pre-mixed salt water in a gallon jug sitting on a seedling mat to keep it warm. I have two hatchers going at once because it takes two days for the shrimp to hatch...
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    Community Tanks

    I do get why people like community tanks. They like different fish and like variety. Would you keep parakeets with canaries and finches all in the same cage ? Would you keep gerbils together with Guinea pigs and hamsters ? Not trying to stir up a hornets nest but I keep species only tanks and...
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    House Spider

    I have a friend living in my fish room. In feeding fruit flies to my fish an occasional one escapes and Scott Carey here captures them. I give him extras as a reward . Scott Carey ? That's from science fiction Master Jack Arnold and his 1957 classic The Incredible Shrinking Man. I don't know...
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    Charcoal / Carbon

    I was reading a thread about a guys frustrations with his aquarium and the conversation drifted to carbon and it's merits or uselessness . In the olden days we used carbon , they called it charcoal back then , all the time. It was considered essential. You put a layer of filter floss over a...
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    Do people still . . .

    . . . read comics and comic books ? Are you a Marvel Zombie or do you read the cool stuff by Frank Miller , Ivan Brunetti and Peter Bagge ? For me it's Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis in the newspaper . He's the new Garry Trudeau . Gotta love The Fantastic Four at Marvel and Batman is...
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    Got Them !

    They were shipped Monday the 22nd and just got here an hour ago. Think about it , the better part of five days rattling around in cargo jets and trucks and they arrived alive. All three pairs. Getting them acclimated and settled in now. Aphyosemion australe Orange Red Hjerresen variety. Once...
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    Hey Gary !

    Here you go. This is from the first TFH edition (1966) of the Innes book that Herbert R. Axelrod stole from Dr. Innes when the copyright lapsed. You tell our dear readers the story. You're a better storyteller than me.
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    Monty Python's Flying Circus !

    This is classic comedy . I know our UK members are devotees but there is a whole younger generation that have missed the boat. My favorite episode of all features a character known as The Nasty Vicar. Anybody seen it ? Then there's The Life of Brian. If you have never heard of Monty Pythons...
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    Getting ready !

    Getting my ten gallon and two fives ready for new arrivals. My guy is sending me three pairs of Aphyosemion australe Gold next week. Going to go natural in the ten gallon and pick eggs from mops in the two fives. My Java Moss was much bushier than I originally thought. Had enough to divide and...
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    Are You Talking To Me ?

    Are you talking to me ? ARE YOU TALKING TO ME ! ! ! I am the only one here so you must be talking to me.