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  1. JuliaAndFish co.

    What plants should i get?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some easy care plants to add to my tank. I have a fish tank like this,with 6 harlequin rasboras and 6 fairy corydoras.and 1 guppy. The plant in the picture are: 1 plastic plant 1 anubias nana 1 rotala rotundifolia 2 java ferns (one small) 1 limnophila sessiliflora And 1...
  2. JuliaAndFish co.

    Fish dying after levamisole!

    So I've had a little problem in my guppy tank. My fish got an infestation of camallus worms. I bought some treatment after I found a few sticking out of my female guppy. It is levamisole .it's called esha-ndx. I put In the right amount and waited. I saw a few worms pop out but my fish are not in...