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    New Online Aquascaping Magazine

    Aquascaping world magazine produced by John N. from over on APC. Brand new issue 1 :)
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    Co2 Dosing

    Because prolonged use of CO2 this way may damage the seals in the filter, although I and many others have not experienced this when using this method of CO2 diffusion. @dave gray.........of the bought reactors that is probably good value, the ones from the german etailers on ebay are a total...
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    40 Gallon Layout

    Hello Ark, this tank uses 2x55W ASL power compacts, the lighting is nothing special, I believe they do not make these lamps any longer. This tank has been running for over 2 years but this layout was started in mid May 2007 for the competition.
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    Please Tell Me This Is The Right Aproach

    72 hours is the normal blackout period for green water as far as I recall.
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    Co2 Dosing

    Yes you can, although the manufacturers of the filter would not recommend it Im sure. I don't have a link for an external reactor perhaps someone else can help you out with that.
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    How Far Can You Run A Co2 Line?

    I don't think this would be a problem Makaila, my own CO2 lines run about 5-6 feet with no problems. Edit, Mikaila I should add, provided the CO2 line IS CO2 line and not regular airline hosing then I don't think distance within reason will matter.
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    40 Gallon Layout

    Thankyou John your own tank is coming along nicely. Thanks a million llj nice to hear coming from a long established (and accomplished may I add) member, thankyou. Dev Thankyou. Yes a plant list would be good, you are correct of course there is no moss in the foreground planting. The right...
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    40 Gallon Layout

    Well good karma prevailed ICEEGRL and this tank went on to win the 2007 PFK aquascaping competition for the over 60cm category, so it was all good. This is how the layout looked when it was finished. Thanks for asking, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
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    Pfk Competition

    I wonder if its in the shops yet or do the subscribers get it first of all and the shops a few days later?
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    International Aquatic Plants Layout 2007.

    The trees and waterfalls are getting into the realm of "twee" tbh IMHO, not sure where all of this is heading but its not for me.
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    Planted Tank Quiz

    15, not to hot :rolleyes:
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    120cm Iwagumi - Jeremy Gay's Tank

    Now you see it now you don't..........I saw it. It should make a good feature.
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    Aquaticmagic Java Fern Question?

    No I have never had a problem with buying things from Aquaticmagic, I have bought several diffusers, bubble counters, drop checkers, and lots of hard to get plants, mosses in particular and never encountered a problem, when you have been in this hobby for a while you generally end up with tons...
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    Aquaticmagic Java Fern Question?

    Has anybody bought this plant from Aquaticmagic what I really want to know is this the long leaf version or just the ordinary shorter leaf version, Im looking for the long leaf version but am not sure if this is the right one. He has two versions on the site a narrow leaf version and a needle...
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    Cheap Glass Lily Pipes?

    Here's another seller ebay seller The intake pipe from aquaticmagic is pretty, well, not pretty putting it kindly, the intake length on these pipes look a bit short though at 24cm for a large tank (or are they? not sure of the normal length here)
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    Fire Extinguisher Co2

    Nice guide Sam I think the working pressure should always be around 1 1/2 - 2 bar for a nice safe level with a good bit of leeway either side of too high and too low, so you have it set right as it is now, any lower and the working pressure is too low, the output bubble rate gets erratic if at...
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    Would This Work Out?

    Oh ok I didn't fully check the link for available stock, based on what they have available right now I probably would not buy any of them especially the Freshwater Plant tube with the blue 12000k part. The freshwater colour tube will be very pink on its own. Sorry, looks like you may have to...
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    Would This Work Out?

    Its a Helios ballast that I have, overpriced at the time but the Interpet units had problems back then so they were out of the buying equation, I would have no problems going for the Interpet control gear now though, the problems have been solved. The only issue with the interpet control gear is...
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    Would This Work Out?

    They are both 4 pin so they should fit as far as I know they will be ok. I actually use these ASL power compacts but do not have them on an Interpet unit. The freshwater colour lamp is very pink in colour so I would not recommend that on its own, the best combo lamp IMO is the Freshwater...
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    Black Out To Kill Blue Green Algae

    Oh ok I just worked it out for your size tank. You could add the extra now no problem and it wont effect the blackout. Good luck with it.