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    Changing substrate

    Hi In my 200L aquarium I have just got gravel substrate but I would really like to use sand instead. I know how to add the sand while water is in the tank but I'm just wondering if anyone would have any tips for removing the gravel first. I know disturbing the substrate too much can cause an...
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    Help with seachem flourish excel

    If someone could help me it would be great. I have a 200L tank that is planted with java fern and dwarf saggartia (probably spelt wrong) i am using seachum flourish excel and the bottle says after a large water change I need to add 20ml then every day its 5ml for the 200L. Am I over dosing it...
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    Water conditioner

    Hi there, When doing my water changes in my bigger tank which is 200L I vacuum out my 30% or so water and then when I am topping it up again I use a small bucket approx 7ish litres at a time to fill the tank back up as that's only how I can make it happen with my houses set up. Currently with...
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    Water parameters

    Hi there, Quick question on water parameters. I've been reading higher than ideal levels of ammonia and nitrates and nitrites. Every week I do a 30-40% water change and the 2 tanks are well cycled around 9 months they've been set up. Question is, does keeping the ammonia levels low in turn...
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    Guppy has a white bump

    Hi there, I have just noticed that one of my male guppies has developed a white growth on his head. He so has been getting bullied by the other 5 guppies and his tail has started to become tattered and frayed. Any idea what is wrong?
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    Guppies fins

    Hi everyone, I have got in my tank 6 male guppies, a pleco, some rummys and some neons and I also have I male crowntail betta. My problem is recently I have noticed on three of my male guppies the tail fins have started to disappear. Only small amounts but it seems to be whole sections down...
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    Angel being aggressive to another

    Hi there, I have a lido 200 tank and it's a community tank. I had one black marble angel in it and I decided I wanted to get another. I knew I'd have to get one of similar size and so I did, I got a while and orange one. When I was going to add the new angel in after acclimating it I then...
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    Does activated carbon ruin my anti algae treatments??

    Hi there For the last two weeks I have been using Api prevent algae to hopefully try and reduce the hair algae I am getting on my dwarf sage but I also have activated carbon in my tank so I am wondering will the carbon render the algae treatment useless like it would with fish medicine?
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    Do plecos make noises?

    This is a strange one. I have a smaller 60l tank in my bedroom and it is on the cabinet that is beside my bed. I for a while kept just neon tetras cherry shrimp and peppered corys in it and all was grand at night. However I have very recently added a small bristlenose pleco and now the...
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    Please identify this species

    Hi everyone I am from the UK and as anyone who's from here will be aware we have a pet store chain called jolleys. Well I recent went to jolleys and I bought for £5 what I thought was a bristlenose pleco as that's what they had it advertised. I am now beginning to believe it is not a...
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    How often to feed the corys

    Hi there, Im relatively new to the hobby and I am wondering how much to feed my 6 peppered Cory in one tank and 7 albino (5 young) Cory in another tank. Everywhere always says what they can consume in 2-3 minutes. I do rotate but their main source of food is the hikari mini algae wafers but...
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    Can I put endler guppies in this tank

    Hi everyone, I have a 60 litre rectangular tank and currently it has 12 neon tetras and 1 male crowntail betta, also there is 6 peppered corydoras. Questim is, would it be okay to put 6 or 8 endler guppies in this tank along with what currently is in it? Any information would be great. Thanks
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    Cloudy eye

    Hi there I have a sick molly which has got cloudy eyes, I recently bought the tank two weeks ago and had to take the fish along with it. The white lyretail molly always has acted strange like laying at the bottom of the tank then all of a sudden just getting up and swimming about. I noticed 2...
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    Northern irish shops

    Hi everyone, I am from northern ireland and I am new to the fish keeping hobby. Is there anyone else in this forum from northern ireland and if so can you recommend any good shops to buy tropical fish, it seems to be very limited here Thanks
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    Replacing the black carbon sponge

    Hi there I have the bioflow L juwel filter and I currently have the black carbon sponge out as I am medicating my fish but it made me wonder how ofter should I replace that sponge? Does the carbon become inactive in a certain period of time and what really does it do if someone could help me...
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    Is there something wrong

    Hi there, One of my mollies has a strange trait of liking to literally lie on the substrate or on a decoration for a while then all of a sudden just gets up and acts completely normal and swims about etc. Also his fin is a very odd Shape and seems overgrown or something (as in the pic) is this...
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    Juwel lido 200 lighting

    Hi there, I have a juwel lido 200 tank and it comes with the standard lighting. The problem is is that it is very bright so at night time it's far too bright. I am wondering if there is a light unit I can buy that has some sort of switch to dim the light or even turn it to the blue nightlight...
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    Filter media replacement

    Hi there, I just got my lido 200 tropical tank and it comes with a bioflow 3.0 filter, I am wondering how often the sponges (media I believe it's referred too) should be replaced of ever. Many thanks!
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    Beginner question

    Hi all I am very new into the fish keeping world and I made the horrid mistake of buying a black comet goldfish and a shubunkin a while back (3 years) and they have been kept in a small prison 30L tank which not to my knowledge until recently is far far too small for them. I have actually...