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    butterfly plecs

    You got it Mac lol Funny lookin little criters aint they lol :P :rolleyes: :lol:
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    What fish do u own

    The only thing with me is.............................where do i start? lmao :P OK here goes lol........................... CATFISH.......... South American Red Tail Catfish Gibbecepes Pleco x3 Common Pleco x6 Red Pleco Alligator Pleco Clown Pleco Scobinancistrus Leopard Pleco x2 Chocolate...
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    Fish Game #15

    are you a Cichlid? :S
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    Fish Game #14

    clown barb?
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    Fish Game #14

    Pentizonna barb? :S
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    Fish Game #14

    Are you a pencil fish?
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    butterfly plecs

    If you can post a pic i might be able to help as im not familiar with this particular Pleco????????????? :S
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    Clown loach growth

    Clown Loaches also grow to over a foot in length given the right conditions :o :thumbs: Has anyone ever heard thiers "clicking" at feeding times? mine do and i know other peps with Clowns the click lol :thumbs: ;) 8)
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    Fish game #11

    am i a piranha?
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    Identify fish

    Synodontis robbianus I have one too m8 lol Search here for more info m8 ;) :D
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    Dumb question for the day!

    Take a trip to............................... Have a look around and you'll soon find them lol 8)
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    Fern gully revisited

    WHO??????????? ME?????????????????? :look: :blush:
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    Gold pike cichlid

    I agree with CM here as i have found no other sites that are any good on these fish either :what: :laugh: 8)
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    Re-sealing old tanks

    You could try but the silicone will stick to your finger and rip off!! :what: Plus add to this the fact that a resiliconed tank should not be used for fish for at least 2 weeks after repair (due to the silicone still leaching out chemicals) and that you should be filling and draining the tank...
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    Any rat people?

    I have kept Rats in the past and had one called Merlin until he died very suddenly of a heart attack right in front of Nikki's eyes poor bugger :( Now we have no room for a Rat as we have so many fish tanks lol
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    Re-sealing old tanks

    OK if the tank is already leaking (which you say it is) then i would suggest completely resiliconing all of the upright joints (vertical ones) as there is a risk that if you only repair the leaking area that other areas will begin leaking :what: I have had a 3 foot tank split on me before and...
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    HI M8 and welcome lol :D
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    Fish game #9

    horizontal stripes?
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    Fish game #9

    james a scobiancistrus is a kind if pleco lol
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    Constipated angel??

    What are you feeding your Angel ? Try a more varied diet and see how thing progress.......things like bloodworm, mica shrimp, and daphnia will go down well ;)