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    Quarantine 54l

    How would I transfer the mystery disease to the rummynose, which are in the quarantine, and not in the main tank when the disease happened DURING the time I was quarantining the hatchetfish/otocinclus? There is no cross contamination and I am not moving the rummynose in the main tank for few weeks.
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    Quarantine 54l

    What logic is that? What is the purpose of the quarantine then, if you move all the fish? I do not understand
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    As I said, the only available any sort of treatment here is esha2000 which I have at home, and the Levimasol I got by someone pouring it out to a container from a larger container he got from someone. I have zero idea what parasites the fish have, just a general assumption that they have some...
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    Quarantine 54l

    Because I dont know which fish are infected, if it were parasites, all would be and it makes more sense to treat the tank, not the fish. And moving 80 fish to a 54 liter is not feasible. I did do the water changes, nothing I did the salt doses, also nothing. I could still raise the temp after I...
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    Quarantine 54l

    So, I decided to be stupid and impulsive. I know many of you will not agree and I accept that. My SA tank is having some issues with corydoras. I suspect parasites, who knows, none of the other fish are affected. I decided to treat it with levimasol, since nothing else is available, though I...
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    I got 20ml from the shop that had it from the vet. They didn't have anything else for any other parasites, at this moment the availability of meds here is not good. I applied 1ml per 20l per instructions but he said to leave it for 7 days before water change. Esha ndx instructions however have...
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    Asian river tank

    Tomorrow i am going to pick up few more minnows and redo the plants in the tank a bit. New java fern sprouts should be glued somewhere, and I decided to move 3/4 of the moss to the background and leave only 1/4 in the front. Will also inspect how it looks and do a water change. But on the first...
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    Lotus plant

    Hi, so I am wondering if this plant has any chance. I bought this plant a year and some time back, planted it in the substrate, uprooted it, had another part that was just leaves in the substrate and this one was just the bulb and leaves. The leaves were being eaten by the snails, the bulb was...
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    Best approach for a corydoras quarantine

    Wow that would be an interesting way to get arrested. There are no freely available antiparazitics in the market at this moment but I will check the physical stores. I know what ingredients are supposed to be in there, if I decide to medicate I will need to move the shrimp and snail.
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    Best approach for a corydoras quarantine

    No, I only have esha2000, which is like 8 years old, and I dont even know with what I would medicate
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    Best approach for a corydoras quarantine

    But none of the corydoras I lost are the recent aquires. All are the year old ones
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    Best approach for a corydoras quarantine

    One of the corydoras that I assume is going to go next, has a hollow place in his underside, between his pectorals. The dead one I took out today also had a hollowed out space there. I fed in the morning, frozen daphnia, this one participated in the feeding, so I guess I can rule out starvation...
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    Best approach for a corydoras quarantine

    Lost another over night. I did an ammonia chek before the water change I will do later, 0, 0 nitrites too. No clue at this point. This also means not buying the rummynose tetras and not moving the hatchetfish and otocinclus from the quarantine. I will try to get the UV lamp and give it a month...
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    Best approach for a corydoras quarantine

    HEre are some photos
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