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  1. Antoniakr

    Shopping List For Complete Beginner?

    Hello everyone.    There's so many things to buy for fish and so many different brands! I'm interested in plant keeping also so if anyone suggests any fertilisers or substrates that'd be great :) What are the complete essentials to start and cycle a tank? What would i need? What brands are the...
  2. Antoniakr

    Demasoni Chichlid?

    Hi all.   I'm doing work experience in My College's Animal Centre and they have quite a lot of fish which i like to take care of. Today i was cleaning the tank which has what i think are - Demasoni's. When everything was cleaned i noticed about 40 little fry in the tank, two parents protecting...
  3. Antoniakr

    Sparkling Gourami

    How many sparkling gouramis can you have together? can you have celestial pearl danios and harlequin rasboras with them? What size tank would be suitable for them?  Thanks :)
  4. Antoniakr

    Hello! I've Decided To Return

    Hi everyone - i once wanted to own Platys and i still do and hopefully one day i will have many tropical fish :) although at the moment i am focusing on my hamster and my education. I will be doing an Animal management level 3 course in September. I've come back to refresh my knowledge and to...
  5. Antoniakr

    Air Pump?

    I have seen some people say you don't really need one in the tank Is this true? Could i buy one air pump and share it between two tanks by having it in one tank a few hours and then put it in the other for another couple hours and so on
  6. Antoniakr

    Where To Buy Fish Online?

    I always see gorgeous Platy colours on the internet, but in my Decent LFS the colours they have are simple, i have never seen a blue Platy or a white one in person before.  Can anyone tell me a good UK website to order fish from please?  :)
  7. Antoniakr

    Tank Size?

    I am buying a fish tank, the measurements are L 50cm x W 34cm x H 49cm On the calculator on the forum it says it holds 83 Liters/ 22 US gallons But on the website is says it holds 65 Liters I'm confused... 
  8. Antoniakr

    Cycling My 17Gallon Tank

    Hello everyone. :) I dont understand how you're supposed to get ammonia, nitrite and nitrate into a tank? If i took some gravel out of my goldfish tank and put it into my new tank will it add some ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?  i will cut some of the sponge in the filter for some bacteria to...
  9. Antoniakr

    65 Liter Platy And Cory Tank

    Hello everyone, i am a beginner and i am going to tell you all my plan for the future. So i'll introduce myself, i am a girl from England - Leeds, 17 years old and my name is Antonia :) I have recently been very interested in keeping tropical fish as i find myself being lonely a lot and i want...
  10. Antoniakr

    Types Of Cory

    Hello everyone :)  I was wondering what are all the different types of cory? it'd be great if you could list the names and/or tell me about a certain type :) Also, how many should you keep? is there a specific amount? Do they do well With Platys?  
  11. Antoniakr

    Platy Care

    Hello everyone. I've been wanting platys for a while now.  i'm wanting a quite easy fish, not a fussy one that needs a lot of attention and needs perfect water conditions Are platys quite a hardy-type fish? because i wont be able to afford keeping water conditions spot on all the time
  12. Antoniakr

    Hardy Tropical Fish?

    Hello everyone.  I was planning on getting platys but because they breed like rabbits it will be quite expensive to look after them.  Also buying all the treatments for the water is expensive too What i don't get is, i have  2 Goldfish and 2 shubunkin x common goldfish for 8 years, without...
  13. Antoniakr

    Platys And Rummynose Tetra?

    Hello everyone. :) I am going to buy a 45 litre tank what is 9.9gallons. i know its the minimum for platys. im either going to get 3-4 platys to go into this tank. i was wondering if they go well with rummynose tetras? do they get on well together? and do they have the same water requirements...
  14. Antoniakr

    Hello Everyone! - I'm New

    Hello everyone, i am new to this forum. i have decided to start using forums as i want to note everything i learn down so i will never forget. And getting help from experienced fish keepers will be fantastic. I am going to start breeding Platys. I still need to buy everything yet but i know...