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  1. GShorty1981

    new 300L/80G tank stocking ideas

    This is the plan, do you think this will be ok? i currently have a 60g with grow outs and my 2 severums breed regularly, they are both about 6" now but they are sterile so no fry ever hatches so little aggression, they spend most of their time cleanign rocks and flirting with each other. Tank...
  2. GShorty1981

    Fluval Vicenza (Full Set Up) For Sale Taunton, Somerset

    **For Sale** Fluval Vicenza 260 4 foot bow front Aquarium (260l/70 USG) whole Tropical set up and Fish pick up from Taunton, Somerset. (Cabinet in Beech/ Brown) includes... Equipment... Tank.... brand new T5 Lights..... brand new 300 watt heater.... Fluval 305 external filter (matured media...
  3. GShorty1981

    Advice For Planting My 260L

    Hi i have a Fluval Vicenza 260L (70USG) filtered by a Fluval 305 External Filter.   My current occupants are...   2 x Large Angel fish 2 x Bolivian Rams 10 x Rummynose Tetras.   I plan to get   10 x more Rummynose 6 x Corydoras Sterbai 1 x Long Finned Bristlenose Plec 2 x more Bolivian Rams  ...
  4. GShorty1981

    For Sale: Hikari Cichlid Food & Okiko Flowerhorn Food Taunton, Som

    For Sale, 1 packet Hikari Cichlid Gold 250g £5 (medium pellet for medium to larger cichlids), buyer collects from Taunton, Somerset.   Age and condition: brand new Quantity for sale: 1 packet 250g Reason for Sale: no longer keep big Cichlids Delivery or Collection: collection Sales price...
  5. GShorty1981

    What Tetras Should I Go For? Pls Help With My Stocking

    I'm stocking out my Empty 260L (70USG) (6 year Mature Fluval 305 external filter), I have kept Large CA and SA Cichlids and Marine tanks for the last 10 years and not done a community for a long time   So far I have..   2 x 3.5" Wild Type Angel Fish 2 x 2" Bolivian Rams   I'm looking to add...  ...
  6. GShorty1981

    Stocking My 260L With Angels And Community

    Hi i have a empty 260l (fraction under 70 us gallons) bowfront tank with a mature over 6 years Fluval 305 external.   I was thinking of having this....   Heavily Planted tank with 3 decent sized pieces of bog wood and pebbles, natural or white silica sand or pea gravel, blue background.   I plan...
  7. GShorty1981

    My Dog Brucey Singing :) + Some Pics

    This is my Dog 'Brucey' he is a patterdale terrier x cocker spaniel, every time the song 'Beneath you're beautiful by Labrinth and Emelie Sande' starts playing he sings/howls :)   Heres a few pics of my lil man...     Lol hes...
  8. GShorty1981

    Pics Of My New Red Dragon Zz *pic Heavy*

    I bought him for £50 last week, he is 6" long, 8 months old, he eats like a pig, and he glass bangs like a pro, attacks me everytime i put my hand in the tank, he is the coolest fish i have ever had, my wife and kids play with him all day lol Tell me what you think? He is about...
  9. GShorty1981

    Aqueon Or Python Water Changers.

    Hi where can i buy one of these in the UK? and how can i fit them to a uk tap   like this...  
  10. GShorty1981

    Help, My Festivums Mouth Is Damaged :(

    Woke up to day, fed my fish and noticed my Festivums mouth is damaged. His mouth is fully extended/pouting and it seems like it cant go in, is there anything i can do or am i going to lose him? (will be gutted i have grown him up from 1"-6") I cant tell whether he has eaten one of my small...
  11. GShorty1981

    Whats Teh Difference Between Hikari Gold And Staple?

    I have always fed my fish Hikari Gold (the red packet), today they had none in the pellet size i wanted so i bought the green packet 'Hikari Cichlid Staple' instead.   Whats the main difference? i'm assuming from the colour that Staple is lower protein and has more Veg in it (Better for...
  12. GShorty1981

    How Much Should I Sell My Baby Rotkeils For?

    I have been growing out some baby Rotkeils and Notatus.   I have got a dominant male and female out of the group that are much bigger than the rest, so i have 2 Rotkeils to sell.   1 is 2.5" the other is 3-3.5"   I was thinking £6 each or 2 for a tenner, does that sound reasonable, i bought them...
  13. GShorty1981

    Few Pics Of My Tank Scape

    Just re-arranged everything, What do you think of my scape?
  14. GShorty1981

    Baby Rotkeil Developing Red Shoulder Earlier

    this is a 2" male Rotkeil Severum that i have, when i had them in the past it took to 4-5" for them to show any red, this guy is just under 2" and is showing red already I have 5 others that are much smaller and dont have any red yet, all from the same batch of fry. Is this unusual? His tank...
  15. GShorty1981

    Festivums Growth Rate

    I bought a 1.5" Festivum 4 months ago and now he is already a very fat 4.5"! I only feed small hikari pellets once a day with a pinch of flake food for the smaller fish in the tank, never bother with frozen or live food. These things grow as fast as Oscars! Hes really peaceful, hes in my...
  16. GShorty1981

    Lesson Learnt :(

    My Thorichthys (unknown which type) has a taste for Corydoras! i had 10 last week when i put him in, now have zero, only noticed when i saw him chewing 1 up! wont be buying anymore of them!
  17. GShorty1981

    The Myth Of Pairs

    I always read that to get pairs you need to start with 5 juvi unrelated Fish of the same species and let them pair naturally, in my experience, i dump a male and a female of breeding age together and i have eggs inside a week or 2. I have done this over the years with the following...
  18. GShorty1981

    Thorichthys Sex And I.d Please?

    Hi this guy was sold to me about a year ago as a thorichthys aureus by maidenhead aquatics, he was about 1" i paid £6 for him, i gave him to a friend about 6 months ago and today he give him back, hes in my 75g with about 7 baby severums i'm growing out, 2 adult angels, festivum and a few barbs...
  19. GShorty1981

    Splitting Up My Pair, Need Help Asap

    Hi i'm going to split up my large Severum pair today, i'm going to swap my big female Gold for a 6" Male Gold, will he fight with my 7" Male Red Spot, what should i do to kirb aggression? My pair have been laying eggs once a week and making life hard for my other fish so its time for my beloved...
  20. GShorty1981

    How Quick Should A Pair Lay?

    My Severums only laid eggs about 9 days ago, they ate them all as usual, everything goes back to normal and i look today and theres 1000's of eggs again on a rock