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  1. Ryan10

    My Fish Journal.

    Here are some full tank shots to start off this thread.  Here is my African cichlid tank.  They are still juvies.  It has been fun watching them grow up from little silver guys without any color into what they are now.  My favorite fish in this tank is my wild caught Congo Eretmodus cyanostctus...
  2. Ryan10

    Video My Red Belly Piranha Feedings

    Here are a few of my Red Belly Piranha videos. It took over a year to put this shoal together. I started rescuing them from local fish stores. I was going to start with juvies but I saw two big guys in a very small tank with half dead goldfish swimming with them. I felt bad for them, so I bought...
  3. Ryan10


    Hello.  I have been keeping fish for close to twenty years now.  I have 5 tanks at the moment.  Mostly freshwater community fish.  I also like photography.  I just got my first dslr camera in September and haven't put it down since.  I like to combine my two hobbies quite often.     I look...