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  1. Betta_Shark5678

    I'm back!

    I was a member here for a long time, and after what felt like a ridiculously long two years I'm getting back into the hobby! I'm setting up just a ten gallon tank for now. I've got all my supplies ready, I'll be leak testing (since the tank has been a a basement for a few months), and then...
  2. Betta_Shark5678

    My New Man!

    He's so beautiful! I'm jealous :P   How many tanks do you have to have to be an official member of the MTS club? :lol:
  3. Betta_Shark5678

    How Do You Get A Breeding Pair Of Bolivian Rams?

    Bolivian rams are great! I've had two males for a little over a year :)     A lot of people do buy 6 and let them pair up, because I've heard they can be picky about breeding partners, then rehome the other four.  If you want really good quality fish for breeding you might want to go ahead and...
  4. Betta_Shark5678

    Good Fish Names?

    I normally pick a theme like Meeresstille suggested. I named all my fish after Vampires in TV shows, Movies, and Books for a while, but I ran out of ideas.  I currently name all my Plecos earth-related names I guess you could say?  I had Muddy, and now I have Pebble, and Everest (after the...
  5. Betta_Shark5678

    Post Your Favorite Fish Picture!

    I was jealous of all the great pictures on here so I went and practiced taking pictures of my fish :shifty:   Thor my smaller Bolivian Ram:     Everest my bigger Albino BN Pleco:   One of my Glowlight Tetras.  This is the best picture I've ever taken of a Tetra :D (Please note Thor creeping in...
  6. Betta_Shark5678

    What Is Your Dream Fish Tank?

    750 gallons mix black and white sand, a bit of tan gravel around the side and back edges. Heavily planted, with lots of driftwood and rocks.  Slate caves.   1 Black Ghost Knifefish 1 Blue-eyed Pleco 2-6 Angelfish 50 mix of black and white skirt Tetras 30 Rummynose Tetras 1 Red-tailed Shark 30...
  7. Betta_Shark5678


    That's true! I'm just paranoid that I'll want to take a break from fish, and so I've been afraid to get any fish that live 10+ years.  Oh well! I'll deal with that if it happens (not likely, but who knows.)   I'd love to have a few different varieties.  I wonder how the fish in the tank I plan...
  8. Betta_Shark5678

    New 60g Planted Journal

    I just read this from beginning to end, again.  Love the tank, you help inspired the design I'm going to use in my 65 gallon :)
  9. Betta_Shark5678

    Colorful Fish Or Pet Fish? Which Would You Rather Have?

    My favorite fish are Bettas, and Plecos, so not always huge in size but huge in personality! :D I've honestly gotten bored with my Tetras, though they can be cool to watch school mine normally don't.  
  10. Betta_Shark5678


    That's true, but doesn't make it less sad... :(   I have looked into it with bigger fish before, but I figured because the BNs are so small they wouldn't live very long... Oops.  I did research lifespans of all the fish I have now after posting this, and I agree that it's not easily available or...
  11. Betta_Shark5678

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 2

    Thanks! I hope so too, I'll definitely post it here if I do.   That is the sad truth... People just don't care enough about fish...   Thanks :D
  12. Betta_Shark5678


    I'd never considered lifespan because I just assumed that most of the fish I wanted would live under 10 years, and that I'd take care of them their whole lives no matter what.  So much for under 10 years, but the second part stands, it doesn't matter how long they live I'll be taking as good...
  13. Betta_Shark5678

    Brown Ghost Knifefish?

    I can deal with one-eyed BNs, but they won't be living with the knife after that! :P   I want some more color variations.  If this keeps up I'm going to have a BN farm in my bedroom... :D
  14. Betta_Shark5678

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 2

    Sweet.  Alrighty Kia, you messed with the wrong hobby!   Edit: How's this sound for an angry letter?   KIA:   I find your new commercial “Fish” to be extremely sad, and offensive.  To have the misconceived notion that Goldfish can be kept in bowls no bigger than what you'd mix a cake in is...
  15. Betta_Shark5678

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 2

    Sounds like a good angry letter.  Mind if I alter it a bit and really send it? :) If we can get enough people to send it they might actually have to consider taking it down everywhere for good.  
  16. Betta_Shark5678

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 2

    Angry mail or an angry email would work too since you don't have FB :lol:   Maybe I'll do all three :shifty:
  17. Betta_Shark5678

    Brown Ghost Knifefish?

    Hmm that does sound like a nice lid :D   Right, better keep an eye my BN if I do get one, they're the only ones I'm really nervous about, I'll keep them in my 55 gallon worst case.  I'll admit that they're my favorites...
  18. Betta_Shark5678

    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 2

    I feel very left out, I've never commented on this thread :lol: That commercial is sad... The only comment on it is perfect though! Maybe if everyone on the forum writes an angry letter to them they'll stop showing it?? :P
  19. Betta_Shark5678


    Here's a story about when I today found out something about two fish I've had for about a year...    So when I research fish I think about things like water requirements, temperature, pH, hardiness, tank size, adult size, compatibility with other fish, if they have any special requirements, etc...
  20. Betta_Shark5678

    Brown Ghost Knifefish?

    Yeah any pet store will have a hood, it'll just be easier if it has one. I'll have to look into those!   She didn't seem convinced about them, but she wasn't as freaked out as she was about the ropefish :P   I'm kind of scared now TBH, if the browns can open their mouths wider than that...