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  1. zophie

    New Guinea Pigs

    Hi, Well, today I went and got two female guinea pigs, 2 months old, sisters. There names are Luna and Miika. I've done plenty of reserach and I had the cage all set up, and I was ready to go! The only problem is, my piggies are SO skittish! They are both hiding in the hutches I gave them, and...
  2. zophie

    Fluval Chi Filter Not Working

    Hi, I have a Fluval Chi, 5 gallons, with one betta fish in it. I've had it so far for 4 months. The other day when I came to feed my fish, I found that the filter was making this really loud noise! It was so loud that you could here it through the door! I unplugged it and changed the filter pads...
  3. zophie

    Good Breeds Of Dogs With Golden Retrievers.

    Hi! I have a pure-bred English Creme Golden Retriever, Mick, who is almost 2. We are thinking about getting another dog, and I was wondering what breeds you would think would go well with him. -Outside he is very active, inside he is relaxed and calm. -He loves other dogs, but likes them when...
  4. zophie

    Betta With Back Probelm And Finrot

    Hi, Usually I would fill out the facts about my betta, but since I got him today, I can't really do that... My Betta's name is Muffin. I got him today, from a LFS. He was a 'rescue' betta who I fell in love with: he couldn't swim properly because his back was deformed, and so he was in a tank...
  5. zophie

    Betta With Back Problem

    I never really noticed it, but I have a Betta fever of 104! I really need everyone’s help urgently, so please read!!! A week ago, I went into my LFS and saw something crazy. In a tank, full of angelfish, was a plain, red, veil-tale Betta SWIMMING AROUND WITH THE ANGELFISH! Immediately, I...
  6. zophie

    White Bettas

    Hi! My dream betta is a white betta, and today I saw the prettiest one ever. I was just wondering, is there anything you need to know about whiteys? Like, I know that in ferrets, white ones are prone to deafness and same with blue-eyed white cats. Any problems like that in white bettas? Thanks!
  7. zophie

    Finnegan The Miracle

    On Wednesday, March 30th, I went to pick up a beutiful betta. His name was Finnegan, and he was a red plakat/humpback. I was so attached to him, but soon tragedy struck. On Thursday, March 31st, I went to a dentist appointment. When I came back, he was GONE. He wasn't in the tank, and he wasn't...
  8. zophie

    Hunchback Bettas

    A few months ago, I bought a beautiful betta boy, Finnegan, from my LFS, for 20$. He was supposedly a 'hunchback' betta; he looks like a red plakat except for the fact hat his spine is sloped down. I had never herd of these before, and I was a little worried, but I asked a few questions and they...
  9. zophie

    A Few Female Betta Questions

    Hello everyone, After going through a long, hard, death of my beloved betta Kenji, I have decided to dive back into the betta world again :good: I was considering female bettas, and I was wondering; can they live alone? I would love to have more then one, but I'm a little tight for space and...
  10. zophie

    Adf In Fluval Chi

    Hi, For my birthday in July, I'm going to be treating myself to a Fluval Chi :) I was just wondering, could I keep a betta and a pair of ADF's in there? Would they be disturbed by the light and water current? Thanks, any help appreciated :P Zophie
  11. zophie

    Platy Q.'s

    Hello, I have a 20 gallon tank with six Orange Platy's, and I was wondering if I could add any more... if so, is it okay to mix different types? For instance, could I have three Panda Platys and three high-fin's? Thankyou, any help is appreciated! Zophie :good:
  12. zophie

    Should I Get Another Betta?

    I'm sad to announce that on December 28th, my beloved betta, Kenji, died. He was a 3? year Crowntail/Plakat cross, and he will be defiantly missed :nod: It's been about a week, and the other day I went to my LFS to buy some carbon... ended up going over to the betta section and falling in love...
  13. zophie

    Battle Of The Breeds

    Hello everyone, I am planning to get a rabbit, and I have been doing a lot of researching :nod: I have still not figured out what type of breed I prefer, here our some of the options I am considering: -French Lop - English Lop (though I herd that they are not good for begginers ????) -...
  14. zophie

    The Colour Of Kenji

    Hello, I have a male betta who is about two years old. He is awsome :wub: I was wondering if anyone could determin the colour pattern/ tail type? Thanks.... Zophie :)
  15. zophie

    Strange Heater

    Hello, Currently I have an Elite 25 watt Heater in a 2.5 gallon tank (I know it's small, but it's just for quarintine). I have had the heater for 11 months- and today it started flashing (the light) and making weird clicking sounds. It turned off/on very rapidly. I assumed that the water...
  16. zophie

    Betta Shocked And Dying!

    Request Help Tank size: 5 gallons pH: 6.5 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 5 kH: ? gH: ? tank temp: 27 degrees C./ 30 degrres F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): My mom came over the other day, and she acidently plugged my betta fish...
  17. zophie

    Zophie Got Married!

    I've never posted in this section, but what ev's. On November 19th I got married :) We planned to have the wedding in December, but it actually started snowing :blink: so we wanted to have it before the snow started- that didn't really work, because it started snowing hours before ! So...
  18. zophie

    Golden Retriever Puppys

    Here our a couple pictures of my (well, my dogs) newest litter. There our 10 pups, very beutiful, healthy, and FAT :P For your info, they are Golden Retrievers (the english type, not the americans) Enjoy, people! Will try and get more pics later, but my coumputer won't let me :( Zophie
  19. zophie

    A Few Rabbit Questions

    Hello, Me and my boyfriend have been trying to figure out what pet we want to get, and he is pretty set on getting a rabbit :) I was wondering if anyone with bunny experience could give me a few tips here: 1. I have a dog, and we have an old crate for him. my dog's 80 lbs., so It is fairly...
  20. zophie

    2 Much Or 2 Little?

    Well recently I had a major break out of Columnaris in my planted 20 gal. 3 fish died... a pare of Electric Blue Rams, and a Silver-Tip Tetra. Before these fish died, my tank was quite overstocked, or so I think. This was the originale stock for a planted 20 gal. 6 x Silver-Tip Tetras 6 x...