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  1. Ch4rlie

    Back to fish-keeping, after 50 years!

    Welcome back to the hobby. No matter how long someone stays away from the hobby, the temptation to return is always there! :lol: I have had a Fluval edge, nice looking tank and the filter is actually half decent but you are correct in saying the type and number of fish can be kept in those...
  2. Ch4rlie

    Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? The Debate Rages...

    Saw this in papers today and thought it perfect to put in here! :lol: (From the Metro paper btw) Is Die Hard a Christmas Film?
  3. Ch4rlie

    Six foot 90 Gallon Journal.

    Wow, that is actually surprising to read of this, thats a real shame as I do like the look of those tetras to be fair and if had the right water requirements, would have seriously considered getting those. Sorry that has turned to be a regret and the loss of some of your other stock is not...
  4. Ch4rlie

    My cycling update thread...

    Make sure you do a large water change, as near as 100% water change, before adding new livestock, this will help reduce nitrate levels.
  5. Ch4rlie

    My cycling update thread...

    Yay! Congratulations your cycle is successfully done! Now comes the exciting bit, getting your new fishy friends!! :fish::fish::fish:
  6. Ch4rlie

    My cycling update thread...

    Would have expected ammonia to be at 0ppm if nitrite is at 0ppm. Could be a false reading of ammonia. Did you double check the tests, do one more check of ammonia as it’s quite common to get false readings especially if made a mistake with number of drops of solution from bottle to test tube...
  7. Ch4rlie

    One of my weirder maintenance moments

    Wow, thats real interesting reading about your hypothesis on spawning from your BTA, it makes more sense to me that this is what happened rather than the messy split you speak of. if this is the case, then its a very cool occurance and your tank must be good for them to do this successfully.
  8. Ch4rlie

    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    Thanks for that detailed response, most informative actually. Peacock gusgeons, lovely wee fish but unfortunately my water ph and hardness is a bit too hard for them! :confused: My tap water is at around pH of 8 and hardness at 18dG, which calculates to around 240ppm which kind of borders...
  9. Ch4rlie

    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    Thanks Wills, that is most helpful, I was never much good at stock numbers to be honest but though 16-20 would be ok but unsure if enough or not!! :blush: More amanos, perfect, I’ll have a look at LFS and see how much they’re going for these days and see how many I can get. Thinking 12 now...
  10. Ch4rlie

    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    Thanks, not so sure about the genius part but sure does make water changes that much easier, still needs a few tweaks here and there before am fully satisfied with the system. But not bad eh! Second tank will be a sw but need to swot up a bit on that before committing with that side of things...
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  17. Ch4rlie

    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    A small update regarding the water change system. Have tested out the system and made a changing syphon and water filler in one with 15 mm pvc speedfit pipe and fittings. Stop valve to turn water off when required. Perforated piping for both syphoning and refilling tank, holes too small...
  18. Ch4rlie

    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    Thanks. I had actually thought about doing something like that with the RO system but due to the amount of waste water involved as well as my plans for starting sw tank next year would amount to too much waste water being produced and felt it was not strictly necessary for freshwater just...
  19. Ch4rlie

    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    Yes, quite correct it's a 47 us gals tank, sorry I should have included that in first place! And no, I am not planning on getting other species of fish in the tank due to the water hardness of my water source. So just the blue eyes and amanos and probably some snails too ;)
  20. Ch4rlie

    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    How many forktail blue eyes would be a good number for this tank so you guys think? Thinking 16 would be ok but any opinions? Also will be getting some amano shrimps, maybe 6 or 8, depending on prices.