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  1. Alm0stAwesome

    90G "mini-Rescape"

    Hi folks - Just thought I would share some pictures of my minor rescape here. Let me know what you think  See my journal for more of this tank's journey.  Before: After:
  2. Alm0stAwesome

    Cory With Growth Over Eye?

    Water parameters: Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate I haven't checked in ages but the tank is well planted and gets 60% weekly w/c so it'll be fine, pH 7.2-7.4, temp 27 c, Hardness; my supplier tells me it's soft with a hardness clarke of 7.7 whatever that means! A full description of the fishes...
  3. Alm0stAwesome

    Bristlenose Pleco Laying Blue Eggs?

    My bristlenose have been spawning constantly for a while now - without much success but I'm ok with that - baby BNs are so cute I'd have to try and raise them lol. The tank floor seems to be constantly scattered with BN eggs (they do have a couple of spawning caves but she seems to think she's...
  4. Alm0stAwesome

    Planted Tank Problems - Poor Growth & Melt

    I despair with the looks of my tank at the moment.  My angels ate all of my weeping moss, lobelia cardinalis dwarf and limnophilia aromatica - which was pretty frustrating and an expensive snack. I dunno if I can be bothered to try another moss but I would welcome suggestions for angel-proof...
  5. Alm0stAwesome

    Evolution Of The Tanks (And Of Obsession!)

    Hi Everyone! One of the fun things about the forum is getting to see new tanks being set up and watching each other grow as hobbyists. I've been really impressed by some of the tanks I've seen up by new fishkeepers (because they are so much better than I managed!) and thought it would be fun to...
  6. Alm0stAwesome

    Liquid Ferts - Add At Once Or A Little Every Day?

    The topic pretty much sums it up. What are the costs/benefits to adding liquid fertiliser once a week vs. spread out across each day.   I currently spread mine out and dose each day along with some liquid carbon. Thanks!
  7. Alm0stAwesome

    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    I figure I'll start a thread to chart the progress of this recently set up tank. This won't just be about plants but about my fish as well and I like to post lots of pictures   This first post will be fairly long as I'd like to go a little into the set up of the tank as well as how it is now...
  8. Alm0stAwesome

    Activated Carbon, When Is It Exhausted?

    Hello folks, today I added a first dose of medication to my tank. I didn't remove the carbon from my filters because I figure it's used up by now and won't do any harm. The carbon in one filter is about 1.5 years old but the other is only 6-7 weeks old - what do you think? Stop being lazy and...
  9. Alm0stAwesome

    Possible Parasites? Advice Needed!

    Hello all - I could use some advice please :) Tank size: 340l (4 ft) pH: 7.4-7.6 ammonia:0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 60-80 Hardness: soft, I think 110ppm? tank temp: 27c Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Two angelfish with clamped fins...
  10. Alm0stAwesome

    Male Endlers For Sale

    Livestock: Male Endlers Age and condition: Good health, young but probably at adult size. Quantity for sale: 11 Reason for Sale: Changing Stock Delivery or Collection: Collection or can deliver locally Sales price: £15 Postage & Packaging: None Location: Carlisle, Cumbria UK Photograph...
  11. Alm0stAwesome

    Filter Floss Or Filter Wool?

    I need to buy more fine filter media for my external. Should I get the floss (comes in a rolled sheet) or wool (which is the fluffy stuff in a bag)? If you want to explain why you made your choice please do so! Thanks!
  12. Alm0stAwesome

    Help With Diy Tank Divider

    Hi guys, I'm reading up on putting a temporary divider in my tank. Could someone let me know if this is the stuff I need for the mesh? Tapestry Canvas
  13. Alm0stAwesome

    Looking For Some Opinions On A Harlequin Rasbora

    Hi All, I added some more espei rasbora to my group around 3 weeks ago. Mixed in with them were what I'm calling harlequins but I'm not 100% they are...anyway, a few days ago I noticed this guy/gal was looking very pale and looked a bit swollen. Kind of barrel shaped actually. It's not been...
  14. Alm0stAwesome

    A Tip When Shopping For Fish Stuff

    I just noticed a post asking where to buy a particular product SO I thought I'd point out that when you do a google search, in your results there is often a section called "Shopping Results for...." if you don't see this right away, just look on the left hand side of the page and click...
  15. Alm0stAwesome

    500Ml Seachem Flourish Excel

    Equipment: 500ml bottle of Flourish Excel Age and condition: basically new, I only used it for 1-2 weeks so there's at most 50ml missing Quantity for sale: 1 bottle Reason for Sale: no longer needed Delivery or Collection: either Sales price: £12 Postage & Packaging: Free Location: Carlisle...
  16. Alm0stAwesome

    Where Do You Buy Your Tnc Complete From?

    I'm running low on TPN+ and I'm going to switch to TNC Complete to try and save some pennies. I've only been able to find it on a website called Fluid Sensor (£12.45 + £5.38 postage)? Is that right? I just like to try and get the best deal so usually shop around first. I'm planning on buying...
  17. Alm0stAwesome

    Problem With Aggressive Female Bolivian Ram

    I've got 1 female and two male bolivian rams in my 180L community tank. My problem is the female is constantly picking fights with the two males. I have never witnessed the males picking on each other or the males starting on the female however there is a general tension between them at all...
  18. Alm0stAwesome

    Plant Id Please

    Right, the first one I received, by accident, along with another batch of plants some time ago. It was tiny then and hasn't grown much since! The leaves lower down on the plant are red and the new growth is green at the top. First picture next to some melty bacopa for scale (poop for scale as...
  19. Alm0stAwesome

    Something Has Killed My Trumpet Snails

    Hello All! I've got a mystery on my hands here. My trumpet snails have disappeared and I'm hoping you guys can tell me why! As of a couple of weeks ago there were LOADS of babies in the tank along with the adults that I already had. However I haven't seen the adults in ages and I can only spot...
  20. Alm0stAwesome

    Liquid Carbon Dosing - Should/how Do I Cut Back Dosage?

    Hello my fishy friends! I started dosing liquid carbon (flourish excel) about a week ago. It's working a treat at sorting my staghorn problem and it's all turning red and dying off now. The only problem is that I think I'm seeing signs of melt in my giant vallis. I love this plant and would be...