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    New Online Aquascaping Magazine

    Aquascaping world magazine produced by John N. from over on APC. Brand new issue 1 :)
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    Aquaticmagic Java Fern Question?

    Has anybody bought this plant from Aquaticmagic what I really want to know is this the long leaf version or just the ordinary shorter leaf version, Im looking for the long leaf version but am not sure if this is the right one. He has two versions on the site a narrow leaf version and a needle...
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    40 Gallon Layout

    G'day folks, first time to do a journal on this forum, the reason I have not up to now is because I know I will not keep it up to date, anyway I will do my best!! This hopefully will be an entrant for the PFK competition all going well but like a lot of my aquascapes this may change as I go...
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    Sulphate Of Potash

    Anybody ever use sulphate of potash as a substitute for lab grade potassium sulphate, I know sulphate of potash IS potassium sulphate but maybe its purity is questionable compared to lab grade chemicals, anyone ever try it for an aquarium as a source of K?
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    Diy Co2 Reactor B&q Style

    Hello, this is a CO2 reactor I made quite cheap with parts from B&Q, your local B&Q may be different than mine (I doubt it though) and you may be able to get better parts than this but you will get the general idea anyway. Total cost was about €17 or about £11.50 and I have enough pipe to...
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    Rocks And More Rocks

    Any type, any amount Postage is cheap to the UK up to 30kg (€12.95=less than £9.00 for 30kg signed for package) I have used these guys before to buy a regulator and they were fast and effecient.
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    2006 Ada Rankings

    The 2006 ADA rankings have been released in the last couple of days, i dont think there were any entries from this forum but hey maybe next year. The highst ranked UK entrant was Chris Jackson at No. 299 (anybody know him?) The highest ranked USA entrant was Luis Navarro at No. 36 Justin Law...
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    When Tanks Go Bad

    Well my tank used to look like this And then i added this, sulphate of iron but i made a slight miscalculation and added about 10x in one dose :fun: about 3 hours later it looked like this :D oh boy was this a mistake :lol: it had a severe reaction on my Pogostemon helferi, it...
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    Utricularia Graminifolia

    Hey guys i picked up some of this plant yesterday and i have to say it is stunning looking, i do believe this will become a very "in" foreground plant in the not too distant future. The pics i have posted do not do it justice, its a very lush lime green colour and the texture of the plant is...
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    What Happens When You

    You get lovely pretty colours in your tank.......... and the bba is dead.............:D
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    Fire Extinguishers

    Ok this topic has come up before on this forum, but nobody had auctually done it so we weren't totally sure if it could be done.................anyway to make a long story can, and i have....... During the week i got lucky and came across these 2 CO2 cylinders, the larger one...
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    Didiplis Diandra

    I Just thought i would post this because its unusual and some of you may be interested. I have been looking for this plant for ages, Didiplis diandra, and eventually i found some the other day in my excellent lfs where i buy all my plants, they stock all Tropica brand plants and usually have a...
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    Maracyn And Columnaris

    Hi guys I have a female platy which has some sort of fungal growth on its mouth, this growth has only appeared in the last day or two, i thought i could notice something yesterday but wasnt sure, but now there is definatly a growth on its mouth which resembles a fungus, but from what i can...
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    Ludwigia Arcuata

    Scientific name - Ludwigia arcuata Genus - Ludwigia Geographic Origin - North America Type - Stem Plant Max. Size (height, width) - 25-50cm height, 3-5cm width Lighting required - Moderate to high Temprature - 20-28C pH, hardness tolerance - 5.5-8 pH, very soft-medium hardness Growth...
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    My 40 Gallon

    Hey guys this is my 42 Us gallon tank, i have'nt had a lot of luck with this tank in the last couple of months, i had major lighting issues thanks to dodgy Interpet lighting products, anyway all has been resolved (eventually) and this is the latest reincarnation. The shots are taken with a new...
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    Results Are In

    Havent had a good look yet just thought id post and let everyone know APC Contest Results Ok just came across the first tank i recognoise..................jimbooo with a very respectable score of 6.8 for the 180 litre tank. Congrats jimbooo that is a really good score!
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    Att Small Tank Owners

    Dont know if this is worthy of a thread, well auctually it is worthy of a thread IMO, i had been looking for ages for a suitable external filter for a small Juwel Reckord tank that i have, the tank is 24x12x12 and holds only 54 litres or 14 US gallons, i had looked at Eheim eccos, Fluval 104s...
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    Asl T5 Compact Lighting Unit

    Hiya im just wondering if anybody owns one of these units and has your experience with the said lighting unit been good or bad, any information would be appreciated. This is the unit im talking about ASL T5 Compact Lighting Unit Thanks
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    Cooling Fans

    I just thought i would start a new topic on this as the overheating of the Interpet power compacts is obviously an issue for a good few of us and i just wanted to get the ideas into one thread. I just want to see what peoples ideas are on the matter of cooling fans and what i would like to...
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    Tank Shot

    This is a shot of the current layout i have in my 40 gallon tank, about 2 minutes after i took this shot i managed to break one of the PCs in the hood, anyway i wont bore you with the details other than say i was very annoyed, so it was the end of the photo session as i didnt have a replacement...