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  1. ChancesMama

    Is This Tank Okay For Live Bearing?

    Hello everyone, I've been preparing for my blue Fancy guppy I bought from Pet Quarters to give birth (she was pregnant when I bought her). And today while she (Fionna) was in the breeder trap, I noticed that my Orange female (yet to be named) was boxed off. I'd never seen a boxed off guppy in...
  2. ChancesMama

    Betta And Ottos.

    Hello everyone! Since everyone here is so nice and informative, I've decided to ask you another question. I have quite a fair amount of fish knowledge under mt belt and let me stress that I am in no way saying that this needs to happen. My beta is comfortable and I will be getting her a bigger...
  3. ChancesMama

    What Should I Do Whith My Fancy Guppies While I'm Not Home?

    Hello all! My Thanksgiving vacation starts tomorrow/tonight and I will be leaving town early tomorrow morning. I am happy to say that I have finally gotten my tank cycled and I added 4 male guppies in last week! Now my problem is that I do not have an automatic feeder (I do plan to get one...
  4. ChancesMama

    Need Help With Ammonia Levels!

    Okay so, I have been struggling with Ammonia for about a month and I think I know what I want but I need to be sure so this wont happen again. I have a 28gallon (roughly 106 litres), currently I have 8 neon tetras and 4 cherry barbs but they will be gone by next week. I first noticed my ammonia...
  5. ChancesMama

    Transferring Fish

    Hello all! I have a small dilemma but I have to have an answer pronto!     I have a 28 gallon tank that is currently housing 8 neon tetras and 4 Cherry Barbs. I've been having a constant struggle with the Ammonia levels and have decided to get rid of all my fish and start over. This being said...