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  1. vanalisa

    $ Cha-ching $

    I just traded a dozen of my red cherry shrimp for a pack of Frozen daphnia and a packet of Hikari first bites !!!
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    Just Because...

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    Rainbow fish !

    Hi everybody! Who has rainbow fish and what kind?
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    How to start a Poll

    Asking for a friend, ;-). How would one go about starting a poll? @drizzy_052248
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    Marcus Fish Tanks

    5 ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ Awesome plant supplier ! Will post pictures when I get them in my tanks! ✨🤩✨
  7. vanalisa

    Urban Turtle Emergency ID

    Hello everyone! Feel free to move this to the appropriate heading, Otherwise can anybody please identify this turtle? I drove by a 5 or 10 gallon tank sitting by the side of a building. I almost... But good thing I did circle back around and the tank was cracked and there were some rocks and...
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    Just for laughs 🤪

    I can't stop laughing My laugh muscles hurt
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    Sand Substrate Tips, Please.

    So I have Pygmy corydoras and I got sand for them. I absolutely hate it. Don't get me wrong I love how it looks. I love how the rocks sit on top of it, austere way it looks when the shadows fall upon the smooth surface. the satisfying way it holds the twigs firmly. Yet, maybe it's just...
  10. vanalisa

    P. furcatus just days old

    Well, here's two of three brand new days old Blue-Eyed Forktail rainbow fish fry; just look at 'em 🥰. Joy to the the grow-out tank...& Joy to you and me!
  11. vanalisa

    Advice for the Lovelorn Pygmy Lover

    I love my pygmy corydoras but I don't think they love me. 😩 I fell in love with them the minute I set eyes on them. 🤤 I can tell they love each other but they're leaving me out. 😕 I waited and watched forever for them to come my way. 🧐 I dreamed for the day when we could be together at last 🥰 I...
  12. vanalisa

    At last! Horned Nerites !

    I haven't been able to find these for over a year... They are pea-sized and perfect. Yay ✨🎉✨
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    Fry growth

    Update. Moving pictures of the Peacock and Blue-eye growout tank at two months.
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    Baby Pictures !

    Here are some images of my fry: Blue-eyed Forktail and Peacock Gudgeon... Taken over the last month or so... Grow out tank is two months old.
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    Has it ever crossed your mind...

    I am just curious... Do you ever chuckle or laugh when browsing the topic headings of our forum threads? What do you suppose the people outside of the hobby would think about the titles without any context attached? For example: "Are Fiddler Crab Hardy Enough For Cycling"? or "Is she early...
  16. vanalisa

    Curious; Used tank prices

    Hi~ I was just curious what would be a good price for a used 50 to 75 gallon tank? I would kind of need the whole setup. I desperately need to upgrade and I'm not in a good position to buy something new. I have no idea what would be a good deal for what I'm looking for. (I don't need a stand)...
  17. vanalisa

    Not so shy...😉

    Hey there! Here's a picture of my Blue-eyes and Peacocks tank from earlier today. I was a little late on the feeding and as you can tell the little Peacocks come out when they want to! This doesn't show the whole tank it looks like there's a few inches or more missing from the top part. They...
  18. vanalisa

    Identify this plant please

    It's the kind of curly one...with the mass of roots. There is some on the top and then a little further down some on the right. There is none in the bottom third I should have cropped. Starting to look a little wilty now but I love the look of them and would like to propagate some. I imagine I...
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    Partial quotes

    Hey there techies- How do you do that thing where you make responses with small sections of people's quotes? Thx
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    The Pygmy Cory Shimmy

    I've had these for almost a couple months. Crazy how they can be totally still one minute and then ... well, not!