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    Rooting roses in fishtank.

    I have several different plants growing in my tanks and I know Pothos you need to root separately first because the stems of a fresh-cut plant can leak toxins. I have rose cuttings I was trying to root in water. It requires the water to be changed every 3 days or so. I'm assuming because it...
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    I posted about 3 weeks ago a fish I had that was severely injured. Wasn't sure he was going to make it but after nearly four weeks and he's still alive. I moved him into his own 30-gallon stock tank. I put him in a 10-gallon to get his pictures while I cleaned his stock tank. His wounds are...
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    My Fish Room and Fish

    I am not by any means a professional but not a beginner either. Takes a lot of work having 8 separate tanks. The last one added was the indoor pond. It's 90 gallons with all live plants around it. Kept them alive during the Wisconsin winters and don't have the heart to take them back outside...
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    Severely injured Goldfish

    I have a 90 gallon indoor pond. I have 4 large goldfish in them. One is a 8-year-old Comet that I had for a long time. I was feeding them and noticed he wasn't around. I went searching and found him stuck under one of the decorations in the tank. He was severely injured. Cuts on the top and his...