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  1. Birdie90

    Fungal(?) Trouble

    I got my female betta in January this year, she has been in my 36 gallon tank until I noticed her scales were missing and she had a faint whit spot on her side. I thought the missing scales were due to being picked on by other fish and the white spot from a burn because she liked leaning on the...
  2. Birdie90

    Worms In Tank?!?!

    I have a bottle filled with old tank water from my betta tank that I give once or tiwice a week to a couple of my plants. And I looked in th bottle today, it has worms in it, they're no thicker than a hair and are like an 1/8inch long. I've also noticed these weird things in my community tank...
  3. Birdie90

    Depressed Sharks Or Normal Behavior?

    I have one red-tail shark and one rainbow shark now, I used to have 3 of each before I knew you weren't supposed to keep multiples of them. They used to be swimming on all levels of my tank posturing to each other, but now since there is only on of each I only see them during feeding time. They...
  4. Birdie90

    Dinosaur Bischir Ate My Betta

    So looks like my Dinosaur Bischir decided to make a late night snack of my Betta. And my Betta was like 3 inches long and not the smallest fish in my tank. This isn't the first time either, I had a female Betta that everyone told me jumped out of my hooded tank when she went missing. Anyways is...