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    Getting Rid of Snails

    My daughter had some plants in her tank that she got from the Facebook market place. One day she put a couple of tiny floater plants in my tank. Fast forward several weeks and I see a snail in my tank. Now, I'm not anti-snail and I've heard they quite beneficial to a tank. But I'm not really...
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    Blue Phantom Plecos

    Anyone else keeping a Blue Phantom Pleco? Pictures? Here's my guy. He's around 11 months old now, and approx 3" in length. Tank was a bit messy when I took this as I had just done a big gravel vacuum.
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    Baby Panda Cory - How Old?

    Any Panda Cory experts out there? I have a small pack of four Panda Corys that I've had since I finished cycling my tank six months ago. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when this lil one showed up. Not much bigger than a large piece of gravel. Any ideas how old it might be?
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    Sexing German Blue Rams

    Since I recently started back into the hobby, and went with some German Blue Rams, I've been trying to get a better handle on how to tell males from females. Looking around online, there are all kinds of discussion posts and videos on how to sex rams. But I've found there's also a lot of...
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    Surprise Dinner Guests - What Have I Got Here?

    Using the resources on the site I think I've identified these, but want some other opinions. My old eyes can barely see these things. I have a small shrimp tank (no fish) that I recently added some wood, leaves & cones to; which I think the shrimp must have appreciated as they seem to be...
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    Post Cycling - The New Normal?

    I'm in the 6th week of cycling a new 32g tank (with fish & bio-enhancers), and I think I'm near the end of the cycling process. As expected, it's been a bit of a bump ride with a lot of water changes in the 4th-5th week to keep PH near 7.0, and drive down nitrites when they got a bit too high...
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    When I first got my new tank I was planning to get a digital thermometer, plus one for my inherited 5 gallon shrimp tank. I did some research though as I wanted to go with something that would be accurate, easy to use, and not run out of power very often. This is what I came up with...
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    Cherry Shrimp Laying or Abandoning Eggs

    I noticed today that one of my cherry shrimp had an egg sack dangling behind her as she ran about the tank. Tiny yellow eggs. Later she's left them sitting in some rocks, or they got caught there, loosening from her. I've read that they could be unfertilized. That wouldn't surprise me as I...
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    Back After 15 Years - My New Tank

    Years ago I ran a Hagen 48g long, for about 4-5 years. I've kept fresh water tropical fish of many kinds, exotic plecos and peacock eels. I was in college and transitioning into the work place again. It was a stressful time, but I found that watching fish was an extreme stress reliever for me...
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    Help with Rams

    Hello. One of the things I've decide to explore that's new to me in the realm of fish keeping is keeping German Blue Rams. At my local ma & pa LFS I purchased what we believe to be both a male & female (suspect female) ram. They are such interesting fish to watch, and I've noticed a few behavior...
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    Hello. I'm not new to fish keeping, but I have been away from it for many years. Watching fish is the very best stress remedy I've ever experienced, and when the stress of 2020 was getting to be too much, I decided it was time to get back into the hobby. Looking forward to learning &...