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    Ok Just Got This

    kinda looks like a sajica (T bar cichlid) crossed with a firemouth.
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    Cichlid Id Please

    the fish here in question is positively some type of Thorichthys (firemouth cousin). the trick is narrowing down which one because several of them look alike as juveniles. I'd be willing to bet it's one of the Mixtecos and my money is on Thorichthys sp. 'mixteco gold' because at one time or...
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    Cichlid Id Please

    Here's a pic and profile of Thorichthys sp. mixteco gold. the fish in the picture was my fish (I also wrote the profile) and was a male at about 4". I'd bet a 30 gallon tank that this is what you have. :)
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    Hybrid Jack Demsey

    actually, according to Juan Miguel Artigas Azaz and his website The Cichlid Room Companion (which is what I always go by for the most updated taxonomical nomenclature), yes the Jack Dempsey has been moved to the Archocentrus genus, but the convict and most of its cousins have also been moved to...
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    Cichlid Id Please

    looks to me like Thorichthys sp. 'Mixteco Gold' :) ps jewels are West African, not Central American :)
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    2 of my red devils

    these pics were actually about 10-15 min. after a feeding. LOL
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    2 of my red devils

    here are pics of 2 of my red devils from 1 month ago and from today. :) 1 month ago and today 1 month ago and today
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    whats in your tanks

    here are my: New World Cichlids Aequidens sp. Gold Saum aka Common green terror Amphilophus citrinellus Red face barred midas Amphilophus festae pr. Amphilophus labiatus 1 pure and 2 petstore Amphilophus lyonsi Amphilophus robertson x 5i Cichlasoma grammodes x 2 Cichlasoma heterospilus...
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    What Fish is this

    :nod: looks like synspilum to me though. :) that or a syns/bifasc cross which are unfortunately very common. :)
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    number of cichlid groups

    those are old least according to the Cichlid Room Companion which is the site of Juan Miguel Artigas Azaz. According to his site, the dempsey has been re-classified as Archocentrus octofasciatum and the salvini is listed as exCichlasoma salvini because it is still under...
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    number of cichlid groups

    that's the thing...most of these don't fall into a group imo. that or they are their own group. For instance, oscar can be a generic term for any Astronotus species and the same goes for Discus (all Symphysodon), Angels (all Pterophyllum), Severums (all Heros) and Uarus (all Uaru). I wouldn't...
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    number of cichlid groups

    for New worlds, I could see: Guapotes -- all Parachromis and Petenia species South American Eartheaters -- all Satanoperca, Geophagus, Gymnogeophagus, Biotodoma (?), Acarichthys (?), Retroculus (?) South American Dwarves -- all Microgeophagus, Appistogramma, Dicrossus (?) Central American...
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    What are some cichlids that are compatible?

    some South American cichlids that would do fine together in a 180 gallon would be oscars, severums, uarus, and chocolate cichlids. Personally, in a 180 I'd probably try one of each of these along with about 8 silver dollars. :)
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    Pearl cichlid/mother of pearl eartheater.

    I don't think I'd risk brasiliensis with green terrors. granted, brasiliensis are considered one of the more aggressive Geo's, they're still no where near the class of what a green terror can be. In fact, I'd keep an eye if I were you to make sure the GT doesn't wind up overpowering the...
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    convict tank size

    imo, for long term care a male will do best in at least a 29 gallon, a female should do ok in at least a 20, and for a pair you're going to want something along the lines of a 3' tank (usually either 33 or 38 gallons). :)
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    Cichlid pellets for my barbs?

    they should be fine...I have various barbs, platys and silver dollars with my cichlids and they all partake in the occasional cichlid pellet/flake. :) Just remember variety is best so give them other foods as well. :)
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    Marbled convict cichlids.

    Jeff Rapps owns Tangled Up in Cichlids and his email is listed on that site if you want to contact him to see if he has marbled/calico cons available. If he doesn't have them now, then it shouldn't be too difficult for him to get them. As for your lfs, the only way to find out is to ask. I...
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    Jelly Beans

    I agree that it is possible a pair could breed that small. Most of us have seen convicts breed that small, and jellybeans have a lot of convict blood in them. What cichlid said that I don't agree with is . Being hybrids, there is absolutely no way to accurately say that never will a jellybean...
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    Jelly Bean

    Jellybean parrots are a hybrid cross of a blood parrot and a pink convict. These usually don't grow as large as a blood parrot so 6" is probably as big as jellybeans will get on average. Still, I'd go with no less than a 30 gallon (36" x 12" x 17") for a pair and I'd be prepared to upgrade if...
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    favorite new world cichlid

    red terrors. and to explain why... :D