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    Poorly dwarf gourami

    I've got a couple of dwarf gouramis, one of which is looking decidedly poorly, and I reckon its got dwarf gourami disease. Is there anything to be done for the other one , and to protect the other varieties of gourami sharing the tank?
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    Never trust technology, without using common sense!

    My 50 gallon tank, which is now about 3 months mature, is giving me great pride in its appearance. The community fish are as happy as pigs in muck. I had bought one of those immersible temperature guages, and I put in a previously used 1000w heater/thermostat. Even if I turned the thermostat up...
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    Ayup from Yorkshire

    I've been happily plodding along with my tank for 30 years or more with no problems, other than buying the odd wrong fish for my community tank. The wheels came off this week, but I've started a thread which explains my issue, plus pleading for help. I'm sure you will all be a great help...
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    New tank, disaster or at least it is to me

    Hi folks, I've just joined your group. I've had a 200 litre freshwater community tank for about 30 years. It's been happy plodding on all this time with not much more than regular water changes. That's until it sprung a leak a week or so ago. I rushed out and bought a similar second hand tank...