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    My New Double Tail Girlie!

    I love her! Looking great! I really like your sig as I know it from somewhere? :hyper:
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    Additions to my tank

    Kyle saw those pics, and now he is drooling....hahahaha
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    E.I. Progress

    :D Looks awesome Ang!
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    My tattoo

    HI!!! :hyper:
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    Black Spot? OB Peacock...

    Don't worry, I'll post pics of the babes! :wub: :hyper:
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    Cool Swordy Pic

    Cool fish Ang, but I already told you that! ;)
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    Post your arowana

    LMFAO!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Black Spot? OB Peacock...

    Thanks you two. :) I hadn't seen them like that before either, is why I bought 3 of them about 8 months ago, they don't seem to be interested in the "other" OB's at all....
  9. black_OB_1.jpg


  10. black_OB_3.jpg


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    Black Spot? OB Peacock...

    Just a couple o pics of one of my male that is starting to color up....I will have fry from him in a week! :hyper:
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    Bongo, named by Whiskerz (of course)

    Yup. I will have many types, such as...demasoni, polit, caeruleus, fryeri, OB's, afra "cobue", acei "white tail" and possibly some msobo. :)
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    New Fish

    Awwwww!!! they are adorable!!! :wub: (for "girl" fish) :P hee hee
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    Bongo, named by Whiskerz (of course)

    In your dreams! :rofl: I will stay away from that city for my whole life! Cept I have a good friend I might HAVE TO go there some day... :( Saskatoon is way better, all you guys have is that you are the smelly capital! :P Just kidding, glad to see you are from here too, PM me if you...
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    Thank you all, from Kyle :)
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    Go easy on me... plants are settling...

    Gorgeous looks so natural. :wub:
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    Labidochromis Hongi

    Gorgeous....that's all I got. They are you know Angry_Platy also just bought 15 of them, I hope they look as good as yours, if not better! Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Bettas angels and puffers, oh my!

    Fantastic pics mate....I love the bettas, of course :P