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    Aquariums buy uk

    check out nacd aquariums on eBay. Might be what you are looking for.
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    Why does the water look like this?

    looks like you’ve got some surface film/scum. more surface turbulence can usually sort this out, even just running an airstone for a few hours a day can get rid of it.
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    There is just nothing cuter than pygmy corys

    They are very cute. Last week I put in two pieces of bogwood, both standing upright with a flat bit at the top. The pygmies love perching on the flat bits. There were three huddled Together a second before I took the first pic.
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    Vacation, how long without feeding? Cardinal Tetras, small fish

    I recently went on vacation for two weeks and left a lone neon tetra to fend for himself in a tank full of loads of red cherry shrimp. I did feed him up before I went away and he was fine when I got back. He was on his own because I rescued him from a friend who was throwing his aquarium out...
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    Water crisis

    Okay, thanks for your replies. I’m gonna get some ro. There is a chance that it’ll rain tonight or tomorrow so we’ll see, but I’m not holding out for it.
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    Water crisis

    Do you mean distilled or deionised water? I can get 25 litres of RO for £5 from the LFS. Worth it as a stop gap until it rains again.
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    Water crisis

    I use a mixture of rainwater and tap water in my nano tank in a 3:1 ratio. Tap water in London is pretty hard and I find that this mix has worked very well for the last year with my shrimp and fish doing very well. I collect the rainwater in a water butt which is connected to the downpipe of a...
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    Aquarium top trim

    That’s exactly what I’m looking for and I had actually come across that listing in my search. But can’t find similar in UK…well, I have found it wholesale but min order is way too much. I’ll keep looking.
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    Water conditioner for small tanks

    Exactly. 6ml of prime isn’t going to be exhausted by 54ml of tap water. Or maybe my shrimp, fish and filter bacteria are immune to chlorine.
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    Water conditioner for small tanks

    Get a small bottle, use it to dilute the conditioner down. I had a spare 60ml screw cap lying around so I put 6ml of neat prime and 54ml water. 1 ml of this to every 4 litres. I keep the diluted stuff in the freezer and take it out for an hour or so before I need it. I only use 2ml per water...
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    Aquarium top trim

    good suggestion. Will keep looking.
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    Happy Independence Day

    I can assure you that British people don’t view Americans as rebel scum. We view you as a friendly nation with much in common with us, and we (particularly the younger generation) lap up your cultural exports. whilst US/UK relations ebb and flow, it is hard to imagine a World where US and UK...
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    Aquarium top trim

    Hi. Anyone know what this stuff is called? The grooved bit clips onto the top edge of the tank and the bit that protrudes out at a right angle supports a glass sheet. Am looking for more of this.
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