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    Cholla Wood

    I was considering putting some Cholla wood into my tanks. Has anyone used it? :unsure: Advice, info, suggestions, cautions, benefits? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Green Fire Tetras

    I've had my school of green fire tetras for a few months now and they are doing great. Unfortunately, they have nibbled off all the roots of my water lettuce! I didn't realize they were doing this at first, I thought they were just browsing a bit but I noticed a couple of them with the roots...
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    Proper Etiquette/good Manners

    I by no means am an entirely proper person with perfect manners. However, I find it unfortunate that good manners seem to be much more difficult to come by. I was raised to be well behaved at the dinner table(no elbows, sit up straight, no belching, cut food properly, keep mouth closed, etc). I...
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    I'm Hungry!

    Hiya, Here is one of my favourite recipe's that I would like to share with you. I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a recipe swap on here. Cheers! Deviled Eggs 4 hard cooked eggs, peeled Pinch of salt 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon whole grain or Dijon mustard 1/4 teaspoon...
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    Recommend Me A Filter Please:)

    We're buying my sister a fish tank for her birthday. We've decided on something around 50 gallons. What would be a good quality canister or HOB filter for a tank of that size. I'm only familiar with the Fx5 and AquaClear personally as those are the only ones I've owned. I want her to have...
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    Who Are You Feeding Outdoors?

    My back yard has a massive crab apple tree where I've hung many bird seed and suet feeders. The usual visitors I have are a multitude of different sparrows, house finches, pine siskins, blue jays, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers. I also have a hummingbird and butterfly feeder. The hummingbirds are...
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    Has Browsing The Forum Ever Gotten You Into Trouble?

    I decided to have hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I put the eggs in the pot with water and set it to boil. I thought, oh gee, why don't I browse the forum while I wait..... :whistle: Hmm, well at some point in time, (don't know how long as the forum had me in it's mesmerizing grasp :hyper: )...
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    Sky Blue Tetra(Boehlkea Fredcochui)

    Hi, I purchased a school of Blue Tetras a couple of months ago and have them in my 30 gallon with Flame Tetras. I have one noticeably larger female of the group who seems to be much more "frantic" than the other ones. She constantly chases all the other fish away from her and has sort of staked...
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    Corydoras In The Wild Living On Gravel

    Here's a link to an interesting video about Corydoras found living on different types of substrate, including gravel and sharp rocks. Versatile little guys! Thanks for watching
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    How Come My Posts Need Approval?

    I posted this yesterday and haven't received a response yet. "This post will need approval from a moderator before this post is shown". Did I do something wrong or is this the new set up for the forum? Makes it rather difficult to help people if every post has to be viewed my a mod. Thanks in...
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    "this Post Will Need Approval From A Moderator Before This Post Is

    Is this a permanent thing now, or is this just an experiment? This delay would make it hard for people to help in the emergency section, as time is of the essence usually,(depending on how long it takes a mod to approve the post).
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    Happy Canada Day!

    :- Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian brothers and sisters here at home and across the world! :friends: I am proud to call Canada home and am grateful everyday to live in such a safe and beautiful country! Have fun and be safe my friends! :drink: :band: "O Canada! Our home and native...
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    How Old Is Your Oldest Fish?

    My oldest fish is my Green Corydora. She is 12 years old and has survived many different tanks and moves to new houses. She lost her mate last month who was also 12. I was quite sad about it as I've had them for so long. She currently resides in my 140g with several other corydora friends and...
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    Bubble Nest Time!

    Hey all, Just wanted to share my excitement. My male Honey Gourami started building a bubble nest today! Here's what I think prompted it. Initially, I had 1 male and 2 females in my 140 gallon. One of the females started to get really dominated by the other female and the male would not leave...
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    If Size, Compatibility & Ecosystem Wasn't An Issue....

    If Size, Compatibility & Ecosystem Wasn't An Issue.... I would keep these fish together-( Lol, wouldn't this be absolute chaos in reality!!) Black Ghost Knife Puffer-pea and all the big ones too Sea Horse- aww, so cute! Quillback- native fish to Alberta Lion Fish Goby- freshwater and...
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    Amano Larvae Need Brackish Water To Grow?

    Hey friends, Mosura's "shrimpton" shrimp food is supposed to contain the nutrients necessary to grow all shrimp from the larvae stage. The company is trying to "de-mystify" the thought that you can't grow Amano and other baby shrimp into adulthood without the use of brackish water. They claim...
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    Green Fire Tetra

    Hi everyone, I just added 9 juvenile Green Fire Tetras to my 140g and I have to say they look great so far. I've kept many types of tetra before but never these guys. They are very lively and so far they like to hang out with my mountain minnows lol. They also like the floating java moss rings...
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    I'm very excited to have discovered today that one of my CRS females is full of eggs! I recently transferred my CRS over to a 5 gallon using the Fluval shrimp substrate which lowered the pH and voila! Looks like it paid off. I'm just not sure if she mated with another CRS or one of my Golden Bee...
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    Dwarf Aquatic Frogs & Amano Shrimp

    Do dwarf aquatic frogs leave cherry and amano shrimp alone? Thanks in advance!
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    Can't Upload A Picture

    Tried to attach a file several times to a topic and I can't put a picture up. Each time it says, "bad gateway". Tried also to add a photo from the full editor, it won't let me do that either. Help please!