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  1. YewBush

    Very bloated betta

    My mom’s betta started getting bloated within the last 1-2 weeks. She has a 37 gallon aquarium. All of the other fish in the community tank seem fine. Here is a picture from before she was sick: Here is her now:
  2. YewBush

    Are My Pearl Gouramis Going to Have Eggs?

    I have two pearl gouramis in a 55 gallon aquarium with 4 female bettas, 4 peacock gudgeons, a bristlenose pleco, and some assassin snails. I got the gouramis when they were babies, and one turned out to be male and the other turned out to be female. The male's chest turned orange and he started...
  3. YewBush

    Is it hard to move a 2 year old nerite snail?

    I used to have a 2 year old black racer nerite snail, but I decided to get assassin snails so I gave him to my mom. She put him in a 3.5 gallon with a betta. She is going to upgrade to a 10 gallon soon. Should we be careful when we move him? If so, what should we do? Thank you!
  4. YewBush

    Tiny tetra getting bullied

    About a month ago, I got 6 silvertip tetras (2 males, 4 females). At first, the males chased all the females and the females were nice to each other. However, the males eventually started targeting one tetra whenever they saw her, and at least 1 of the females joined in. She is not growing. This...
  5. YewBush

    What is this plant?

    I got a plant from my local fish store because I thought it looked cool. Also, I got it for a really cheap price because it wasn’t a “full plant.” However, I forgot to ask what it was. Does anybody recognize this plant? I know I probably should have done research before I went to the fish store...
  6. YewBush

    Young Betta Isn't Eating

    My sister has a young female betta. She has not been eating much, and I think her growth is getting stunted. Also, she is losing some of her color. I haven't tested the water yet because the last testing strip I had was a dud, but we are going to get the water tested at a pet store soon. The...
  7. YewBush

    55 Gallon Stocking Help

    My parents are going to let me upgrade from a 20 gallon to a 55 gallon. However, I am required to get at least 10 more animals for the tank. I can't put in any more gastropods because somebody in my family is scared of them. In my 20 gallon, I currently have: 1 female bristlenose pleco 1 female...
  8. YewBush

    Is my “Cory catfish” a mislabeled Bristlenose Pleco?

    Almost a year ago, I had decided to get a Cory catfish for my tank. At the pet store, I found a fish labeled “albino Cory catfish.” I did not do much research and did not know exactly how they looked. Yesterday, I decided to get some more catfish to start a shoal. When I looked for some Cory...
  9. YewBush

    Is my betta sick or just old?

    I have a 2.5 year old betta, a nearly 1.5 year old nerite snail, and a Cory catfish who is under a year old (I think I may move him out soon) in a 20 gallon aquarium. My betta recently went blind in one eye for a week or two probably due to an eye injury (apparently some fish can regrow their...
  10. YewBush

    Is my betta permanently blind in one eye?

    My betta has popeye in one eye just under a week ago. Her eye is back to it’s normal size, but it’s still completely white and she does not seem to be able to see through it. I have one other fish in the tank, a Cory catfish, who she bites sometimes. This fish did not get popeye. I used BettaFix...