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    Disinfecting driftwood

    I boiled my driftwood for several hours then left it sit in water overnight and it still released a lot of tannins. Boiled it a few more hours next night, dumping out the stained water and replacing it with clean water periodically. When I put it in my tank afterward the tannins were no longer...
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    AquaBarb - February 2022 Tank of the Month Winner (31G & larger)

    Wow! Just Wow! Truly amazing tank.
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    Forgot to unplug filter during water change

    What kind of filter is it, and is it pumping water?
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    My neighbors are complaining about noise from the Tidal filters

    I have 2 Tidals, a 35 and a 55, and they are both very silent. However, they both have a wavy line on the front of the pump housing that says "Min. Water Level". If the tank's water level drops below that level for any reason, like doing a partial water change without shutting the filter off...
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    Finally upgrading my all plastic tank to all natural!

    That was a good price on those Amazon Swords, and that's one of my favorite plants. It's a beautiful plant.
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    zaqxswcde - August 2022 Fish of the Month Winner (Plecos)

    Congrats zaqxswcde, that tiger is a real beauty!
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    Starting up my small aquatic plant business, this is the journal.

    Oh no! :( I was going to congratulate her and wish her luck with her new venture and see how it was coming along. Sorry to hear that.
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    I would like to introduce myself!

    I lost my sister to dementia so I know how difficult dementia can be. Anyway good luck with all the fish! :)
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    I would like to introduce myself!

    Hi! And Welcome! WOW!!! A 10, 20, 30 and 55 is a lot of fish tanks! That has to keep you busy! :lol:
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    Vote Now! - August 2022 Fish of the Month Contest (Plecos)

    This young entry goes by the name of Mikey. I've only had Mikey about a month or so and he's still pretty young so he's not very big , and fortunately the Bristlenose Plecs do not grow as big as many of the other Plecos. Because of his youth I'm not sure if he's a he or a she. He's an albino...
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    What's your favourite Cory?

    Wow! I've never even seen a longfin Cory! I'll bet those are really cool!
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    Thanks Coryking, I'll keep that in mind for future reference.
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    Hi Coryking! I love Corys! I have 3, an albino, a Panda, and a Julii and they're a lot fun to watch. Great to have a Cory expert on the forum!
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    Nitrites not going down.

    Glad to hear it's 10 and not 100! :) Just a word of encouragement, since the ammonia has already hit 0, you're getting there! The last tank I cycled with fish in took 1 month for the ammonia to zero out and another month to zero out the nitrites. Keep up the water changes and Prime. Prime does...
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    Granted this tank is still a work in progress, including the fish count. Some fish were added temporarily because what I wanted was not available yet. Like I only planned on 1 angel, but bought 2 hoping to keep the friendliest of the pair, then never parted with the other. So like I said, it's...
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    Just one tank Rocky. 1 young Pleco, 3 Corys, 7 Honey Gourami's, and a couple small Angels. Of course when the Angels get bigger they'll get traded back to the LFS. They get along well. The Angels belong to the wife. She insisted, so I told her how big they get and she says it'll be OK to trade...
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    Hi all, as you may have surmised, my name "MetroPlecs" is a play on words. I live in Dallas Tx and the term metroplex is often used locally to describe the entirety of Dallas and all of it's suburbs, but one of my favorite fish is my Albino Bristle Nosed Plecostomus. I have a 20 gallon high with...
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    Oops, sorry Rocky! :confused: I'll try to delete it and see if I can figure out the correct place to post.