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    German blue ram red belly, losing weight, parasite?

    What could my ram have? I've tried every possible treatment till now. Esha 2000, esha EXIT, Esha Ndx, esha GDex and nothing seems to work. He's just getting more conclawed belly and I have no idea what am I seeing on his belly? He is still eating and is lightly active. He's in quarantine tank...
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    Dwarf gourami with iridovirus for a month?

    Hello, Can someone please tell me if my dwarf gourami has iridovirus? I treated him with baktopur, but there's no change. He has these wounds getting bigger for about a month now. He is acting normal, being glutton as always and just happy swimming. I read that Dg's sick with IV usually...
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    Dwarf gourami bloated and constipated swimming vertically

    I found my blue powder dwarf gourami today in this state. He was trailing a long piece of poop with him. Seemed like he's constipated because he was trailing his poop for over an hour. He keeps swimming vertically and taking gulps of air occasionally. I fed fleas last night and some flakes and...
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    How to to medicine bath -injured fish

    I have baktopur and esha 2000 at hand and I would like to treat wound that one german blue ram caused to another with it. She has a mini bite next ro her gill, just enough that surface skin has come off. Shes acting normal and active, but this happened today. After that I put ram pair that...
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    Ram leaving eggs or sth else? (Video)

    Does anyone know if this ram is leaving eggs or parasite eggs? There's two females which are both pink bellied since we brought new male. Old one died from internal parasites. These two females were treated with him with Hexamita and Ndx one course of both meds, so I think they should be free of...
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    white substance around cory's mouth?

    what is this? he's also lethargic. should I quarantine him from main tank of its spreadable? And how can I treat this, is it bacterial? Here are photos of him earllier today and after a few hours when he developed this.
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    SUNKEN BELLY RAMS HELP (OLD THREAD:violent german blue rams ganging up (HELP)

    My two female rams seem to be ganging up together ever since I introduced 3rd female to the tank. I brought a pair to the tank initially and the female was hiding around, so I thought she would ease up by adding one more female, but it didn't work because she ganged up with this female and they...