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  1. fishjasonle

    Baby angel fish

    From wiggler to little star.
  2. fishjasonle

    Baby angel fish

    Angelfish egg all hatched. From wiggler to little fry only took about 5 days. :) Now I'm breeding over 200 baby angel fish. Interesting 🙂
  3. fishjasonle

    Update on the avatar tank. Water fall up and running. :)

    From start to completion. Step by step photo. finally got it up and running. Next couple of months is all about planting and patiently wait on the water to be ready. Avatar floating island tank :p:p
  4. fishjasonle

    Hello from Washington.

    My name is Jason Li. Glad to join this forum and learn from other tropical fish lovers. :)
  5. fishjasonle

    Avatar floating island tank with water fall.

    The hardscape took almost 4 months to finish Start terriforming the tank this month. It's very Zen to watch those plant slowly growing. Still long way before its ready. But we will check in in another 4-6 months or so to see the result :)
  6. fishjasonle

    4 months aquascaping.

    This set up took me nearly 4 months to finish the hardscape. And now I'm ready to plant it. Probably another 6 months or so. Excited 😀