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    Back to Africans, again.

    I've had mbuna for just over a year now. Did a lot of reading and almost frightened myself out of getting because of the aggression. I got all juveniles but can honestly say don't get any prolonged aggression at all and lots of different species in there. I do have quite a lot of rockwork in...
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    Juwel Aquarium Build Quality Concern

    I've just taken delivery of a new Juwel Primo 70 aquarium which is going to be used as a quarantine tank Upon opening it up I noticed one of the silicone beads that runs along the base of the tank was noticeably thicker for a certain section. Not a major issue in itself, but as I won't be...
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    African Cichlid recommendations

    I'd say it's too small a tank for cichlids, coupled with fact you will have a turtle in there hell bent on trying to feed on them.
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    New fish suggestions

    How about getting some male endlers? Platys have colour but also get quite chunky.
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    Beach sand

    Buy pool filter sand, cheaper than aquarium sand and is just as good
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    Brand New to fish! How to stock a 60 Gallon Tank

    I wouldn't silicone them but each to their own. You can reduce aggression when adding new fish by rearranging the rock scape. Just be sensible about how you stack them. I use pool filter sand for the substrate which is a lot cheaper and use crushed coral in filter to buffer. You will need...
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    Never buy a very large glass aquarium.

    Going back to the OP it shouldn't matter if it was "custom" made. If it's not fit for purpose the shop should refund or rectify? Did you have an opportunity of looking at it in the shop or was it boxed up?
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    Moving my tank

    That was some serious weight to shift, and if it was me I would be panicking about the cabinet if being pushed and pulled. Good job though and yes probably best to not prevent access to the MCB as if something trips a lot of work to reset trip haha
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    Fluval Roma 240. If you do a Google image search will see the pipe connectors (and mentioned in product description)
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    Not quite. So there is an external canister filter that comes with it in the cabinet. A fluval 307 I think from memory. But rather than it feeding into the tank from the lid, it's passed up through sealed pipes through the bottom of the glass tank.....
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    One more question for the moment. One of the fluval tanks I'm looking at has the canister filter pipework coming up through the base of the glass tank. This looks quite neat in an OCD way, but are there any specific benefits or disadvantages to this type of arrangement?
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    Discus or Cichlid Tank?

    I've had basic community tanks over the years but am looking at starting up a cichlid tank, and have been looking at the 240 fluval. I've no idea where to start with cichlids so will do some reading but generally are the Africans more colourful? The sticky thread on this forum doesn't seem to...
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    Yeah there are definitely bargains to be had in second hand market and that wouldn't phase me per se. Its just transporting back, being sure no damage to tank etc. I've been looking this morning at the Eheim Vivaline 240 tanks. Whilst not basing it solely on aesthetics, some of the other tank...
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    I have had a quick browse on eBay and Gumtree. My concern is if the tank isn't full would get me worried it may be damaged but then PayPal should cover it unless seller claims damaged in transit Agree massive savings to be had. Am going to go to my LFS tomorrow.which isn't a chain or franchise...
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    Yes someone above you mentioned the fluval internal filters but in all honesty probably scan read yours too and made an assumption!
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    Yes I need to do a lot more reading to be honest. I bought a large tank good few years ago that had discus in it and managed to keep them healthy before a marital split meant they had to be rehomed with the tank. Good to hear the fluval internal filters are decent. Had a quick browse on...
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    Thanks for your reply, appreciated. Yes gathered by going to a main stream aquarium place (e.g.Maidenheads) may not get best value for money. I've done quite an extensive search online but struggling to find better deals. My daughter already has her tank set up. Thus one will be for me. I'm...
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    New Aquarium thoughts

    I've kept tropical fish over the years and recently bought my daughter a 105l tropical set up for her birthday. Of course now the bug has caught me again and I'm looking to buy a larger aquarium (250l). I'm not sure whether this is a predominantly US forum or whether there are members from thr...