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    Blue green algae?

    Is this blue green algae? It pretty much covers my sand substrate. Not on anything else just there. Any ideas how to get rid of it? I tried vacuuming it but ended up sucking up the sand as well!
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    Water sprite in the uk

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to get water sprite in the UK that won't cost a fortune just to post one plant? Also why is it in the UK you can only seem to get Ceratopteris thalictroides rather than Ceratopteris cornuta? Is there any difference if using it as a floating plant? I am sure I read...
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    TofferMora tank journal

    I thought i would start one of these so i could keep a track of what i am doing with my (my sons) tank. So it all started when my son said he would like a tank for his 6th birthday. I have kept fish in the past, the normal tetras, a betta, goldfish etc all in tanks that were looking back too...
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    Sponge filter thoughts

    Hey, been looking at sponge filters today, thinking of getting one to aid my hob and also as a backup for if I setup a quarantine tank. I already have a pump from my previous foray into this hobby so wouldn't need that. What are people's thoughts and do people have recommendations? I would want...
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    LFS West Yorkshire/Manchester/Lancashire

    Hi, anyone recommend some LFS in West Yorkshire Manchester or Lancashire? I went into Rochdale today to look at Rochdale aquatics but it seems to have closed. My closest is Gordon Riggs garden centre anyone had any experience of them? Thanks
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    Seachem stability

    I have started a planted/silent cycle. is it worth getting a bottle of stability to help develop bacteria or will they just die off as there is currently no ammonia in the tank for them to feed on? I watched a youtube video suggesting this would happen. Would it therefore be more beneficial...
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    The green planet: water worlds

    As per title has anyone watched this? It's on BBC iPlayer for those that want to, some amazing filming of freshwater underwater world's.
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    Stock suggestions

    Yes I know another what fish question! Sorry! So I am doing a planted cycle on my tank at the minute and am wondering what to fill it with when it is finished. It's mine/ my son's and he would like some shrimp and likes neon/ cardinal tetras. But I am open to suggestions/ opinions. It's a 100...
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    What background

    Hi, So the background on the tank I have bought is a bit old and faded, any recommendations of what I should replace it with? Thanks
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    Water readings

    I am on the border of two water companies, the one I pay doesn't recognise my postcode as one it serves 🙄 but this one does. Which figures do I need to be looking at please?
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    HOB suggestions

    Hi, So I am currently looking at getting a new fish tank, bidding on one on eBay at the minute that is about 100lts, it comes with a filter but want to upgrade it and so was looking at a hob. Currently looking at the Seachem tidal 55, what are people's thoughts and do they have any other...
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    Evening, Previous fish keeper now looking at getting back into the hobby. I have a son who Is interested in getting some fish and so I have been scouring the net trying to get up to speed on current thoughts and info. So far I have decided I am looking at a tank about 70 lts to contain some...