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    stock my 55 gallon for me

    hello, hows it going? appreciate the help. so my 55 gallon tank is about cycled and i will move my 2 Electric Blue Acaras from another tank to the 55 gallon. my questions were what should i stock along with those rad bad boys? i have some ideas, but would like to know yall ideas on the numbers...
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    1-2 gallon planted snail jar questions

    hello, i hate to be a newbie here. but, i grabbed a pickle jar while working fixing kitchen equipment on a service call at a restaurant. my questions were after i put some top soil under the gravel and plant some basic plants such as java fern which i have an exorbitant abundance of, and...
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    stocking a 29 gallon with EBA

    hello, one of my tanks is cycled and would love to have a Electric blue acara tank. i want at least 1 EBA and a schooling fish.. a gentleman here recommended lemon tetra. would a pair EBA fit in the 29 gallon tank? also, worth noting, i may have to rehome 2 of my 4 Bolivian rams to this tank, as...
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    29 gallon stock with 4 bolivian rams

    hello, i have a fully cycled 29 gallon tank with 7 zebra danios (not long for this tank as they will probably be rehomed to another one of my tanks), 2 Ramshorn snails, and 4 Bolivian rams. id like to add a few more fish in the middle/upper region of my tank. i wanted to get a singe angelfish...
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    fish-IN cycle stalled or steadily progressing?

    hello, I've been cycling a 29 gallon tank since 2-26-21 and i added several zebra danios a few days later after adding TSS+ and yes i know the fish-in method isn't a method ill do again as i am currently cycling 2 other tanks with pure ammonia (another 29 gallon and a 10 gallon QT tanks.) i...
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    stocking help for (2) 29 gallon tanks

    hello everybody! new to the hobby and im currently cycling a 29 gallon tank with 7 about 5 weeks in and i believe im getting close to cycling as my ammonia is at .25ppm and zero nitrite and just below 5 nitrates. i have another 29 gallon tank that im cycling with pure ammonia and im a...