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    OH my good lord

    I like it when ppl get fired!! :hyper: :hyper:
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    question about angels

    my angelfish are pratically a community fish. :) theyre with 2 blackskirts.
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    Turning a swimming pool into a pond

    2,000 gallons is alot! well good luck. :)
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    Ten Gallon

    awww love the gardneri, mine died. :( :rip:
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    Worst Fish

    truee. :thumbs:
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    could anything fit in a 1 gallon?

    I knew the anwser was no....:( maybe baby fish? lol
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    could anything fit in a 1 gallon?

    I was wondering if any kind of fish can fit in a one gallon, I want it to be a nano reef. :unsure:
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    look what I got!

    :P :D ;) B) :rolleyes: :)
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    Fish TB and people

    any pics with ppl with it?
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    Power is out!!

    hey we had a black out a couple days ago, of course I was mad cos I was weatching a cool show.... I was wondering how long they could last.
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    my shrimp pics

    pretty, wats the red 1?
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    Anyone tried putting swordtails into marine tank?

    I think they'd die. :blink:
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    parrot fish
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    What can prosper in a 10g?

    I suggest waiting until they die maybe, fish dont live long. :(
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    White Spot

    How big are spots? If they're really fine its velvet, if it looks like salt its ich. ;)
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    I have a story to tell

    :( poor girl. :(
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    Now Introducing.... (56k warning. 3 pics)

    awww pretty!!! :wub: :wub: