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    Is my balloon molly pregnant or full?

    Hi, To all the experts out there, can you please tell me if my new balloon molly is pregnant or not? I bought her on July 30th. She has a dark spot on her right side on top. She said one bump on each side near her anus but more noticeable on her right side. When there is food, she will nip to...
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    New Guppy turning white

    Lol bomb the tank with salt. I will stop the melafix and follow your advice. I have some live plants in the tank. I’ll be removing them since it’ll be easier to gravel clean. I removed my activated carbon filter media before adding Melafix earlier. I will do another water change tomorrow since...
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    New Guppy turning white

    Thanks but I would like to keep the fish and hope he will survive. Tank is only 5 gallon and started with 2 guppies.
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    New Guppy turning white

    Hi, thank you for your help! Unfortunately, my fish passed away shortly after treating it with Melafix earlier. I still have one guppy left and he is doing fine. Since the infected fish is no longer in my tank, should I continue to treat the tank with Melafix and frequent water chances? I have...
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    New Guppy turning white

    Hi, the tank was set up 3-4 days ago. I did a water test in the pet store yesterday and everything seems good so fat but the tank is not cycled yet. If I remember correctly, they told me everything is within range with low ammonia.
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    New Guppy turning white

    Hi Colin_T, thank you for the advice! I couldn’t find the medication anywhere near me yesterday so I ordered it online and will be here today (Petco suggested Melafix by API). However, I was able to purchase aquarium salt. Petco suggested to do 40% water change and add the salt which I did...
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    New Guppy turning white

    Hi everyone. I am new to fish keeping. I purchased two guppies 3 days ago. One of them looks sick. He swim in one spot near the top of the water, mouth opening and closing fast, and looks like the back and one of it’s sides are turning white. I attached a picture of when I got the fish and after...
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