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    could anything fit in a 1 gallon?

    I was wondering if any kind of fish can fit in a one gallon, I want it to be a nano reef. :unsure:
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    look what I got!

    :P :D ;) B) :rolleyes: :)
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    Even seen any ppl at the lfs?

    OK I wanted to buy this little baby angelfish, and this lady was like "Angelfish are very fragile" (someting like that) "I dont recomend them" holy crap IVE HAD ANGELFISH BEFORE!!!!!!!!! :grr: :-( :sad: :X :sick: :angry: :(
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    any1 from Australia?

    Does that say Audax at Fidelis?
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    Anabantidae (ann-a-bann-ti-day) ** ** ** Cichlidae (sick-luh-day) ** ** ** ** Centrarchidae (cen-trar-ch-i-day) ** * * * Chandidae (chann-d-i-day) ** **all these are my fish *fish I caught
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    cute ain't he?
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    this is wierd...

    for some reason when I got fishing and catch bluegill they have wierd white spots on their eyes, what could this be? they're usually 3-5 of these spots
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    My new betta!!

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    female gardneris?

    what do they look like, yellow?
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    fat threeline corydoras!! (Corydoras trilineatus)

    okay for some reason one of my threeline corydoras is fat...extremely fat, and I'm not sure why. what do gravid females look like?
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    PETCO sucks!!

    PETCO sucks!! I was walking in the freshwater section and some of the tetras and 1 clown loach had ich!! I walked into the marine section and one of the angelfish(I think) had Marine Ich!! Curse PETCO!! :sad: :sly: :angry: :grr: :sick: :-( :no: :byebye:
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    should I get it?

    well? I saw a beautiful blue crowntail--nice condition! Should I get it?
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    awww....(pls I need replies!!!)
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    sexing clown loaches?

    how do you sex them?
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    got rid of the bluegill and.....

    I let my Bluegill go and got 2 brichardis!!! B) :wub: :wub:
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    help my bluegill has some fungi around covering its eyes! what is this fungi called? (don't worry I have Fungus Eliminator).
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    30 gallon tank pics

    © Shark_Lover and SharkFans Bluegills Water Stick Insect Tadpole that's all!
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