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  1. Matty24

    Dead platy

    Now found a dead platy in my tank seems to have some kind of sore on its head can anyone tell me what may of caused it and weather it could be something that could be harmful to the order tank mates cheers
  2. Matty24

    Staghorn algae

    Evening all, I'm having some problems with staghorn aglea at the moment I'm wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the stuff, I have a 130lt 29gallon aqua one horizon tank, I was originally using the light which came with the tank and I was el dosing seachem products daily the algea...
  3. Matty24


    Just notice 10-12 what look like eggs dotted about in my tank anyone have any idea on what may of laid them, I have in the tank platys, mollys of course not them also have ember tetras, 2 bristlenose plecos, 3 kuhli loach, amano shrimp and some nerite snails 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Thanks 👍
  4. Matty24


    Hello guys looking for an answer and some advice I have a sailfin molly looking under the weather I don't know what I should do I will attach some photos.
  5. Matty24

    Random question

    Today I realised 3 fish missing from my tank.. I looked everywhere no sign thought they can't just go missing then in my head I thought check the intake on the filter 😒😒😒 quickly scrambled took the filter apart and found 3 platys and 3 fry inside the filter.. luckily all fine! And swimming in...
  6. Matty24

    Anti Fluke & Wormer

    Hello, is there an anti fluke/wormer which is shrimp safe an all I have a heavily planted tank i have no chance of catching my shrimp, Lost a couple platys over the last couple months not noticed stringy white poo but they have both died being really skinny but still eating and now 1 of my...
  7. Matty24


    OK guy over the past couple of weeks I've had an outbreak of staghorn algae, i believe due to changing my light, I'm dosing seachem products every day and also injecting co2 I'm looking for some of your personal experiences with the staghorn whats the first steps I should take I'm currently...
  8. Matty24

    Name of plant

    Can anyone enlighten me on the name of this plant I cant for the love of me remember what it is I think it's lobelia cardinalis but I'm not 100% sure
  9. Matty24


    So recently I have upgraded my light from the standard aqua one horizon led light that came with the tank, upgraded to the fluval plant 3.0, i have watched a guy in youtube saying about when using this light to start out on 50% of lights etc (cant remember the guys name off top of my head) I...
  10. Matty24

    Cleaning a co2 flux diffuser

    Found my answer 👍
  11. Matty24

    Nymphoides Hydrophylla Taiwan

    So.. I planted a 1-2 grow pot of Nymphoides Hydrophylla Taiwan yesterday, this morning I was surprised to see that something (I found out this morning that amano shrimp caused the damage so ive been reading they take a liking to it if they are hungry.. why just that planted i couldnt find out)...
  12. Matty24


    Any ideas on what's going on with this platy seemed fine yesterday all the other fish are acting as normal hes is still eating just seems he has a swim bladder problem maybe? cheers
  13. Matty24

    Whats in the bag?

    Just been and got 12 ember tetras but what's else is in the bag? Pic below are they snails? 🤷‍♂️
  14. Matty24

    Ammonia spike

    Hello, just home from work and notice a dead ballon molly and a half dead molly, the molly which as looked poorly after delivering some fry a week ago, the ballon molly had been fine was only put I the tank a few weeks ago, tested my water parameters and ammonia is reading 0.2, nitrite/nirate...
  15. Matty24


    So this morning I 'just' went for a look round a fish shop.. but I saw some mollies that caught my eye lyre tail mollies but they had fancy pelvic fins some had really long pelvic fins almost 5 times as long as this male has almost betta style I'm not any fish expert by all means but I couldn't...
  16. Matty24

    Dissolved oxygen levels

    Does anyone measure dissolved oxygen levels in their aquarium.. ive recently lost 2 amano shrimp and a molly I'm pretty sure the molly had been in a fight with another, fins had been attacked overnight I separated him after seeing something had happened and he wasn't feeding with the others...
  17. Matty24


    A random post but something that came into my head and I wanted to know was will different species of otocinclus's shoal together or will they only shoal with their own 🤔
  18. Matty24

    Glass cup

    I have bought a couple of small glass cups which stick on the aquarium glass which I was planning on trying to grow something in the cup and letting it grow downwards out of the cup is there a plant that has the kind of effect.. if that makes any sense 😅😅
  19. Matty24

    Can anyone help?

    Evening all can anyone explain to me what this orangey coloured liquid is noticed it awhile ago never got round to posting a picture (hopfully you can see it) any info would be great. thanks
  20. Matty24

    0 nitrate

    Evening all was doing some research on why my dwarf hairgrass is kind if brownish and growing slowly, I'm using a seachem el dosing schedule and using co2 maybe im being abit impatient but the grass has been in the tank around month and a half and i keep adding more but what i saw tonight was...