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  2. Rubys.aquatics

    Where to buy aquarium plants?

    Hi all, I’m trying to set up my first dutch style aquarium in a 40 gallon tanks. I just bought $90 worth of plants from rice family aquatics. I got a plant pack that was for 40-55 gallon tanks which was $75, and a bunch of other plants for my other tanks. But when my plants came, all of them...
  3. Rubys.aquatics

    plants getting eaten by something

    If your flow has been less strong recently then definitely, maybe the plants aren’t getting enough flow or aeration
  4. Rubys.aquatics

    Fish tank shelf

    The one on the bottom in a 20 gallon tall, and then a 5 gallon, a three gallon, and two 10 gallons. The heaviest shelf is probably the bottom one, but it still doesn’t hold 350 pounds and I’ve moved the shelf a little with the tanks on it and I’ve never had a problem
  5. Rubys.aquatics

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    I’ve got a blue eyed lemon bristlenose pleco. He is very cute. Btw his name is Kevin☺️
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  9. Rubys.aquatics

    plants getting eaten by something

    Definitely not the snails. Most snails only eat dead/dying plant matter, not living plants. Maybe it’s something else, some of my plants will get holes in them when they are unhealthy
  10. Rubys.aquatics

    Beneficial bacteria

    Beneficial bacteria doesn’t live in the water column, so there isn’t any in the water. It builds in the substrate, on the filter media, and even on the plants/decor. Because you had ich in your tank which is super contagious, I would just completely restart the tank, replace all of the water and...
  11. Rubys.aquatics

    Fish tank shelf

    I thought so as well, but it actually holds them all very nicely. Each rack can hold up to 350 pounds so it’s nice for nano tanks
  12. Rubys.aquatics

    Fish tank shelf

    Yes great idea, thank you!!
  13. Rubys.aquatics

    Fish tank shelf

    Here is my current fish tank shelf, what do you guys think? I feel like something is missing, I might add a planted shrimp bowl on the top of the shelf.
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  15. Rubys.aquatics

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    One of mine is that cardinal tetras are much better than neon tetras… it’s true, I think they look better too
  16. Rubys.aquatics

    Emergency with my betta!

    Thank you guys, I’m still giving him a chance but I don’t want him to suffer. I don’t think it’s quite cotton wool disease, but the growth on his head looks similar. Also I noticed bubbles occasionally coming out of the whole, maybe because it’s near his gill and air is coming out. But it’s...
  17. Rubys.aquatics

    Emergency with my betta!

    This is Birdie. He is my rescue betta who used to have swim bladder and fin rot when I first got him, but I’ve healed him from that and he just has a blind eye, but has been perfectly healthy and thriving. Recently he’s went I’ll and has been super clamped, and laying on the bottom of his tank...
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