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    Bronze corys and flow

    Does anybody's corys like high flow? My bronze corys love when I turn on the koralia....I know panda corys like flow, but didn't think bronze ones would too. They'll play till either tired out. or I turn it off.
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    Fluval Curve advice

    Hi everyone, Has anyone swapped out the hood on a Fluval Curve 87l for a glass one? Or updated the light? Really don't like the light that comes with it and would like to replace it with a full spectrum one. Fluval does not make an upgrade, which is a bit short sighted of them. So, I'd like to...
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    Fighting MTS

    Who has tips for fighting multiple tank syndrome?? I have three tanks, a 180l, an 87l and a smaller shrimp only tank. I'm really trying to fight the urge to get a 65l for my pgymy corys that are currently in qt. Also would like to rescue a betta from lfs to add later - thoughts on that?? So...
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    Out of quarantine...

    Isn't it great watching your new fish come out of quarantine and into your community tank? New rasboras exploring tank, with the older ones taking them straight into the good to watch
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    Swordtail at top of tank

    Hi all. Does anyone have an idea why my swordtail hangs at top of tank a lot? She looks to be gulping air, not a constant thing, but a fairly often thing! 180l tank, cycled with Water parameters 0...0...10 to 20. Ph 7.4 Temp 23 to 24 I have a filter either end of tank, air stone in the middle...
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    Help needed with neon tetra

    Hi, hoping someone can help with my neon. Noticed one of my neons has a faded patch at base of tail, seems bloated but otherwise eating and scooting around tank. I was on way to work so only had time to quarantine in the tank and take some piccies. Looking at photos now she seems a lot more...
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    White tip of dorsal fin on Harlequin

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Have new harlequins in qt, lost one, but rest were doing fine till I noticed tip of dorsal fin on the male is white and clamped. Small spots on a couple on some of the others' fin tips too. Tank is cycled. 35 litre PH....7.4 Temp...24 Ammonia...0 Nitrite...0...
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    A Big Thanks

    Wanted to give a big thank you for all advice given in my recent horror experience with harlequins. I lost every one of them, I had put two swordtail fry in towards the end to see if they were affected by water conditions, but they were fine. But I took all advice given, larger qt, nothing fancy...
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    Harlequin rasbora die off

    Hi, I don't know whether this would be classed as an emergency because I've just about given up! Bought 15 harlequins from lfs on the 15/7 to bump up my school of 6. Put them straight into 20l qt which I've kept cycled. As of now I'm down to 3, and have more grey hairs to show for it. Harlies...
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    Pygmy corys and "cleaning" substrate

    Hi all, Love corys but have never had the pygmy corys. Will they clean up uneaten food from the substrate? All the info on them says they like to keep to the mid of tank. I can't find anything on where and how they feed. Any help gratefully received!!
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    Hi, newbie to the forum here

    Have been searching through all your knowledge here for a while and decided it was time to join. I live on the mid north coast of NSW, Aus, and started this very addictive hobby at the beginning of the year. Have had lots of ponds of differing sizes for years, with rainbow fish and Pacific blue...