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    Afragog in aquarium?

    What are the uses of afragog in an aquarium beyond having a large surface area for bacteria? I remember reading it last time and deciding to add it to my tank; however, now I can not find any information about it. Is there anyone else that uses it in their aquariums/filters?
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    Setting up breeding rack after losing all fish

    Hello, due to my water company changing what they put in the tap, I've lost my apistos and rams. So I'll be completely starting anew. So it means I can now go with what would be best for the fish (also going RO with discus minerals (I am not going back to tap, I don't want to face losing...
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    35 gallon long, skittish community, breeding set-up?

    Getting two new 35gallon longs, around 3 foot, 140 ish litres. What would people say would be their favourite sort of fish or things to do with such tank? Community, breeding, crab? I'm thinking about possibly doing a skittish community including scarlet badis, sparkling gourami and the...
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    Sexing and species of apisto

    I am wondering whether this fish is male or female. I've named them Chopstick due to their pectoral fins being a creme colour with two pale dark lines through them, like a set of chopsticks. Chopstick has some blue markings on their face and an extremely thin orange band on the very top of...
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    10 gallon stocking

    Just wondering what people think would be good for a 10 gallon, roughly 40cmX30cmX30cm (I believe, will correct if wrong), don't mind single species as this tank previously held a single female betta. My pH stays around 7.0, GH is around 10dGH, and KH is around 9dKH. This is the current set...
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    Apistogramma with rams?

    Does anyone know the ability of apistos and rams in the same tank, 30gallon long. Heavily decorated, hardly space to see from one side to the other. Planing to make it more dense, and plenty of caves (from ground to top of water). The tree in the centre is flush side to side, and top to...
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    30 gallon long, rescape, apistogramma

    I am doing one last group of purchase on Amazon before I do a large rescape of my apisto tank, and want know whether people have ideas about what to get, or anything they'd must have in an apisto tank. It is 120ltr, 30l. 100cmX30cmX40cm.
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    Apistogramma Agassizii male or female?

    I am wondering whether this fish is male or female. They are around an inch in length, and I believe I've seen them colour yellow at points; however, I don't have an image of this. They have a faint black line through her tail fin; however, they also have black on their ventral fin. On their...