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    Is this ember tetra?

    Cant remeber what tetra this is as store worker gave me few names wasnt sure exactly. He said they dont grow more then this that they had them in tank for 3 months now and no growth happened. I been lookeing online and from what ive seen might be ember or some other type?
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    is this ludvigia repens?

    i was told its ludvigia repens or is it osme similar plant? Also they kept it floating so each stem is grown at 90% angle after planting them they are bend down at angle if i straighten them they just lean over again. Will they straigten in time and grow vertical toward light or should i trim at...
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    Type of betta?

    So i started community betta tank today just added fish few hours aggo and i wonder what typew of betta is this?
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    Rimless tank lid question?

    Dont know where to post this so i try here. On rimless tank i made this lid from wooden picture frame thats sints oside tank and has lip that just hangs on glass so its flush with tank all arround. On top of frame i siliconed 2 part glass lid that has silicone hinge so i can open front part and...
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    Am i correct that this is male platty?

    So i have just 2 plattys in tank and this one lately started chaseing other one. he doesnt seem to nip at him - other is male but smaller he just chases him arround tank all the time. Am i correct this is male as i can see anal fin so i think male?
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    Anubias rhizome with no leaves?

    So i had some fungus/bacterial infestation and all my anubias leaves started to rot away and turn dark black and were soft to touch. After i cleared nasty stuff they never recovered and started to die off slowly. I cliped all leaves cut rhizomes to smaller peaces and put them back in tank. Also...
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    Shrimp colony question?

    So in my 7g i started with 7 shrimps now there is over 100. Moved maybe 40 to 15 g tank and still so many babys in smaller tank. Need advice what to do to stop them breading like colder or warmer water, now its set to 25c, or somethign else. Was hopeing that platys would put a dent in population...
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    Alge or some fungus help identify?

    So i started new dirted tank used potting soil. Pic bellow of soil info. 1 inch of soil and 3 inches of gravel to top it off. Set it up and had to leave for week no filter no light it was sitting in dark room after i got back today i seen this thing all over the plants wood and on surface...
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    7 gallon shrimp tank fish mates ideas?

    30 l tank arround 7g or so. Heater and filter. Diy co2. Live plants. 7 x cherrys adult and some fry plus one female is bearing again and 1 mistery snail Need recomedation what fish could i add that would not eat shrimp fry, maybe eat some to control colony population but not all i guess. options...
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    Cherry shrimp fry???

    So i have 7 adults cherrys and 1 female was bearing now i noticed few fry swiming arround they are maybe 5mm in size if not smaller. Question is what to do to make sure they survive? I have no acces to any shrimp specific food as there is none for sale where i live and oredirng onlien is no...
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    Passive CO2 bell question?

    Ok so i made small fish tank 7 gallon that i have now decently populated with plants, 2 x anubia nana, 10 x dwarf sag, 1 x crypto ( dont know name), 5 x valisneria and hornworth ( some floating some barried in subtrate. Its new tank build, today is 11 day since starting it and i experienced...
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    Plant indetification???

    Got these 2 and dont know names if someone can help identify them for me please???
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    First tank build

    So hello all im new to hobby, had covid in lockdown i got idea to build my own tank as i could not fins suitable size one to go on my desktop next to monitors and pc. As it goes called mate told him glass dimesion he bought it and delivered and it all started. Tank size 33 x 30 x 35 all 6mm...
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    new to hobby saying hi:)

    Hello all. Im new to hobby started my tank today that i build while haveing covid and being in lockdown for last 21 day. :)