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    My Small Tank

    Heres my iccle tank, current occupants, one aggressive Oapline Gourami and an aggressive Acara :blink: Both had to be moved from my Big tank as they where being rite little devils!! :devil:
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    My Medium Tank

    Heres my fry tank, in there at the mo - Guppies and Bristlenose's
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    My Big Tank

    Heres my baby :P and some of its occupants
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    Post ur Workstation

    dont know why but heres mine, complete with fish tank....of corse :P c'mon, lets see urs :P
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    My Snake

    Heres my Corn Snake B)
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    My Rio 300

    Heres my main community tank, this pic was taken before I added most of the cichlids u'll see further down, i'll try and get a more up-to date one soon. Hope ya like :thumbs:
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    Breedin Tank

    My 16 Gal Guppy and Bristlenose fry tank
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    Selection Help

    Hey all, I'm trying to decide what cichlids to get for my Rio 300 liter tank (48x20x24). I have allready got 3 apisto agassizi (1M + 2F) 2 angelfish and 2 ancistrus plecs. I need to pick some more cichlids to go in there, i've made a list of some possibles below, but I havent much experience...
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    Tank Of The Month - April

    MrBink: Chemflex: Elisabeth: Stix: smand: sgtbirch:
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    More Tank Pics! (",)

    OK, this is what my tank looked like on 15th september 02 : Now it looks like this :
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    Fish Game #21

    Da Roolz: The person who starts the game (the game master) thinks of a fish and posts a small clue as to the type of fish it is. After 3 guesses you may post a new clue. 2. No one is allowed to ask 2 questions in a row. Once you have asked a question you can not ask another question until...
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    More Pics!!

    Here ya go! :P
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    Cichlid Selection

    ok, the time is drawing near to get my fish for my new Rio 300 tank! So I need to decide on my fish choice...thats where u lot come in ;) Below is a list of fish which I am thinking of getting : Blue-Eye Cichlid - Cichlasoma spilurum – x2 M + F African Butterfly Cichlid - Anomolachromis...
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    Fish Choice

    Hi, i'm lookin into what fish to stock my Rio 300 liter tank (48x20x24") Heres what i've come up with : MELANOTAENIA BOESMANNI x4 Otocinclus Affinis x5 CLOWN LOACHES x2 ALBINO CORRYS x5 ANCISTRUS SP x1 CLOWN...
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    Most reflecters give 100% more light, but there was 1 i saw somewhere on the nest that gave 162% more light (at least i think it 162%, deffo 160 something) Does anyone know which these are? Thanks
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    Mopani Wood

    How long does this normally need to be soaked for to get rid of the tannins? I've had it in a bucket for nearly 2 weeks, and been changing the water everyday and replaceing with hot water, but the water is still turning brown :grr: :(
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    My New Rio 300

    just set it up yesterday, so the water will still be cloudy for some time, but heres a couple of pics. The plants I just took from my other tank, and will be buying some more soon, especially some corkscrew vallis to go along the back B)
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    Fish ID plz

    Can soneone ID a fish for me, pics are here Cheers :)
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    Can Someone ID me a Fish plz :)

    I know its a cichlid..... ;) and any idea of the sex of each one? Thanks
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    Plants during cycle

    Just wondering if it makes any difference if I add the plants before or after the cycle?