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    Microctenopoma Ansorgii

    Pictures of my new guys. I got them a little over a week ago and I believe it is 2 males, one very old and 1 very young. I see nothing 'female' about the smaller one. However, they are adapting very well and get along great. Each day they come out to free swim more and more. I'm looking for...
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    Unlevel tank?!

    It looks like the weight of the tank is making your camlock hole (intial location) shift and it wided the hole. Typical for partical board. Someone suggested to not let that get wet at all and that is good advice as particle board will absorb moisture and get weaker. Overall, do not be too...
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    Advice for a gourami themed tank

    Well said. I generally choose to keep just about any other species other than the Blue Gourami variants (Blue, Opaline or 3-spot) and I can usually freely mix/match them with little to no issues. You will get more aggressive individuals on occassion, but nothing that you can claim that you...
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    I think my cycle has crashed

    I agree if one is unable to give time to time. Exactly, the 'source' of the water needs to change to do effective water changes.... adding not-so-great water during your water changes introduces other problems which is not always a good solution, better to give the existing water time to...
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    I think my cycle has crashed

    Yes, that is why this is an example of balancing the good with the bad. If introducing water to decrease ammonia and nitrates, that also creates increased nitrites from the tap source - one needs to be careful. Getting rid of the nitrites is difficult. If you are doing water changing to...
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    New Tank Question

    And sometimes your filtered air is much better than the outside, because it is 'conditioned'. Perfect example is a post that I just commented on where the person's tap water introduces more nitrates than the standing and conditioned tank water. More to it than that - but sometimes you make it...
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    I think my cycle has crashed

    Late to the game here, but it sounds like a typical example of excess water changing doing more harm than good. Getting rid of your previous substrate certainly did not help. It is imperative that you patiently let the natural biological cycle happen again (but do not let the ammonia and...
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    New Tank Question

    Look up the definition of 'stagnant'. Filtered aquarium water is certainly not stagnant, and then add in the biological, mechanical, chemical and environmental (plants, driftwood, etc.). Assuming a lot of people live in air-conditioned homes and seldom, if ever, open windows to let in a...
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    New Tank Question

    Ummm, never in my life of 50 years of fishkeeping (except once for a salt water aquarium crash with bad liverock) have I ever done a 50% change or more in a week. 20% weekly is recommended, 30% if you missed a week. I might do a 20%+20% in a breeding tank during a week's time, but let's not...
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    Please help me ID this betta

    The 3rd picture, yes... just an ordinary run of the mill betta female.
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    Defining Success ?

    My measurement of success is indeed having a community tank that I really do not need to mess with too much. I always have other side projects, breeding tanks etc, which require constant hands-on. But yes, you are on track with what you say... sit back and just enjoy your tank at times. With...
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    Algae on Glass

    Sorry, not enough info here to give you any constructive advice. Salt or fresh water? What size tank and how many 'species' and what type to you have for the feeding on the algae. Is there artificial light on the tank that can be reduced (perhaps a motion switch that would shut off room...
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    High ammonia and aggressive platy

    Do two 50% water changes within 24 hrs and it would basically be a 75%-80% water change equivalent. I do not believe in anything more than that as it will cetainally stress your fish regardless of the initial water conditions.
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    Please help me ID this betta

    The 1st 2 pictures feature a normal blue betta splenden female, the 3rd features a normal red/blue female, nothing too special. Are you expecting half-moon or delta tail, no, not here. They are, however all very attractive.
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    First time testing my water...

    NOT. It depends if you add in driftwood, almond leaves, etc. Knowing the GH from your tap is a great starting point, but it is not the end-all-be-all for the actual aquarium water quality. GH can also be affected by just topping off due to evaporation, etc depending on the mineral content of...
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    Aqueon aquariums ( the 'new' AGA)

    I am very old school and NEVER had any issues with the old AGA aquariums that I have purchased in the past. The internet has brought up a ton of huge issues with Aqueon (the new owners of AGA). This has given me a fear of buying anything. I do realize that people with bad experiences are 100x...